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Dia Succari

  • 5 Syrian dances (1 Introduction and dance, 2 Sultan of Damascus, 3 Springtime dance, 4 Welcome dance, and 5 Cavaliers' dance)

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Abdalla El Masri

  • Violin Concerto
  • Symphony No 1
  • Piano Concerto
  • Elegy
  • Suite Flute
  • 3 Portrait
  • 3 Moods
  • Piece

Agnes Bashir-Dzodtsoeva

  • Dream
  • Dance
  • Arabic Suite
  • Sorrow, Battle, Song, Triple for Orchestra
  • Fantasia
  • Suite for Ballet Sinbad
  • Prince Ahmed

Ahmed Adnan Saygun

  • Complete String Quartets

Ahmed El-Saedi

  • String Orchestra
  • Full Orchestra
  • Clarinet Concerto
  • Solo Piano works

Ahmed Essyad

  • Heloise et Abelard
  • L’eau
  • Le Collier des Ruses
  • Tifounacine
  • Identité
  • Le cycle de l’eau
  • L’exercise de l’amour
  • Pour Héloise

Ahmed Madkour

  • Chamber Music:
  • Violin and Piano
  • Bassoon and Piano
  • Cello, Oboe and Piano
  • Flute and Harp
  • Cello Sontata
  • Solo Piano
  • Clarinet, cello, piano and percussion
  • Electro
  • String Quartet ‘Stand Fast’
  • Halt
  • 4 Days

Amr Okba

  • Solo for Harp
  • Wasser Tropfen
  • Instability
  • The Book of Going Forth by Day
  • My Home

Ayşe Önder

  • Romance for Violin
  • Music for Orchestra

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The library of scores, manuscripts and recordings is housed in Special Collections found in the Brunel Library. Access is by appointment only – arrange access to the collections.

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