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Tarek Ali Hassan

  • Fanfare for the Opera - Score
  • Sinfonietta - Score & Single Parts
  • Variations on an Egyptian Folk Theme (String Orchestra)- Score
  • Piano Quartet - Parts
  • String Quartet in F minor – Parts
  • String Quartet No 2 – Parts (minus 1st violin)

Tolga Zafer Özdemir

  • Mom: A Spider came out of my Ear (vln, vlc, pno, fl, cl, perc.) – Parts
  • Bitter Delight (9 players) – Score
  • Affordable Escape (vln, alto sax, pno) – Score & Parts
  • Shades of Mediterranean (8 players) – Score
  • Chaopolis, Istanbul Tutmasi – Trio for Violin, French Horn and Piano (Chamber Music)
  • A for Ensemble (Orchestral)
  • Solo Instrument:
    Ex Oriente Lux (Piano)*
    Shesh-Tar (Guitar)*
    Thumbnails (Piano)*
  • Duo:
    Karadeniz (Viola and Accordion)
    Selma’nin Büyüsü (Guitar and Flute)
  • Trio:
    Chaopolis (Violin, Horn and Piano)
    Affordable Escape (Violin, Alto Sax. And Piano)*
  • Chamber Ensemble:
    Shades of Mediterranean (Chamber Ensemble)
    Karpathia (Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble)*
    A (Large Chamber ensemble)
  • String Orchestra:
    Adventura (String Orchestra)
  • Symphony Orchestra:
    Likya Ded (Full Orchestra) *

* Recording also available

Toufic Succar

  • Suite Aqsaq Sima (orchestra)
  • Symphony
  • 14 easy pieces for piano based on Lebanese folk tunes

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Bahaa El Ansary

String Quartet No 2

String Quartet 'The Art of Fear'

Bechara El Khoury

  • Symphony
  • Hill of Strangeness
  • Twilight Harmonies
  • Sine of the Clouds
  • New York, Tears & hope
  • Les Fleuves Engloutis
  • Sextet
  • Waves
  • Fragments Oubliés
  • Symphony ‘The Ruins of Beirut’
  • Hill of Strangeness
  • Twilight Harmonies
  • Wine of the Clouds
  • New York, Tears and hope
  • The Rivers Engulfed
  • War Concerto (violin concerto No 2)

Behzad Ranjbaran

  • Piano Quintet
  • Shiraz
  • Isfahan

Berkant Gençkal

  • Suite for Piano, Strings and Percussion

Boghos Gelalian

  • Quatre Jeux

Bulent Gokhan Somel

  • City in the Cave
  • Fairy Chimney
  • Aspendos
  • Sleeping Fishes
  • Heptagon

Bushra El Turk

  • La Fantome de Rebecca
  • Ta’atallat Loughatul kalami
  • Burlesque for Orchestra
  • Metaphysical Enemy
  • Dramaticule
  • Les Chevaux de Bois
  • Le Souris Couine Same
  • Theatre – I capture the castle

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The library of scores, manuscripts and recordings is housed in Special Collections found in the Brunel Library. Access is by appointment only – arrange access to the collections.

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