Important Notice : Actions which the University may take which may affect your course or other services or facilities:

The University makes all reasonable efforts to deliver the courses, research opportunities and other services and facilities described in the Summary of Terms and Conditions Relating to Your Offer document (“Summary Document"). However, the University is entitled, if it reasonably considers it to be necessary (including in order to manage its resources and pursue its policy of continuous improvement appropriately):

  • to suspend or discontinue courses (for example because a key member of staff is unwell or leaves the University);
  • to make reasonable variations to the content and syllabus of courses;
  • to alter the timetable, location, number of classes and method of delivery of courses, provided such alterations are reasonable;
  • to make changes to the Statutes, Council Ordinances, Senate Regulations, policies and procedures that the University reasonably considers necessary (for example in the light of changes in the law or the requirements of the University's regulators);
  • to combine courses if the University reasonably considers this to be necessary (for example because too few students apply to join a course for it to be viable).
  • In the unlikely event that the University discontinues or does not provide a course or changes it significantly before it begins or once it has commenced:
  • the University will tell relevant individuals at the earliest possible opportunity;
  • an individual will be entitled to withdraw his or her application or cancel his or her registration by telling the University in writing;
  • the Univerisity will make an appropriate refund of tuition fees and deposits paid.

Page last updated: Tuesday 05 October 2010