Objective 5: To consider how we improve promotion success rates for female academics

Key performance indicator(s)

  • To improve the gender profile in relation to female academics at Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professorial level.

Senior Accountable Executive(s)

  • Director of People Services

Recent progress

  • Academic Promotion Working Group was launched (2010). The Group seek to identify barriers and support the academic promotion process.
  • Presentation Skills Workshop held to support female academics at interview stage (2010/11).
  • Women’s Network Equality Group re-launched (Spring 2012).
  • Established the Athena Swan Award Project Group (2012) to support the promotion of female academics in SET.
  • Appointment of a new female Vice Chancellor (2012/13) (A role model for all women at Brunel).


  • A low level of senior female academic promotion is a sector wide issue.
  • Published data suggests that women do not promote themselves as much as men in recruitment and promotion procedures.

Our approach ‘going forward’

  • Continually review the promotion process.
  • Seek to identify further opportunities to support female academics in the promotion process.
  • Improve data analysis to centrally record number of applications/rejections at School and Promotion Panel level.
  • Establish ways to identify any potential barriers that are preventing female academics being promoted into senior academic posts and seek to identify methods to remove the barriers.
  • Submit an application for the Athena Swan Bronze Award (2012) and continue to implement actions identified in the application.
  • Consult with female academics and other relevant parties to identify positive action steps.

Page last updated: Monday 14 May 2012