Objective 7: To investigate year on year UG student progression and retention

Key Performance Indicator(s)

  • Investigate and seek to increase, where necessary, year on year UG progression amongst students of different protected characteristics.
  • Continue to encourage inclusive teaching and learning practice.

Senior Accountable Executive

  • Chair of Senate
  • Heads of Schools
  • Director of People Services
  • Director of Academic Services

Recent progress

  • Recent initial review of student equality data with regards to UG progression and retention. Initial review provided a complexity of results which needs further investigation amongst the various ethnic groups.


  • Increasing awareness amongst Academic staff about general progression and retention issues.
  • Effectiveness of the Personal Tutoring arrangement.
  • Students understating the benefit of the Personal Tutoring Scheme.
  • A potential decrease in the number of ethnic minorities at Brunel.

Our Approach ‘going forward’

  • Being evidence informed and developing a deeper understanding of year on year progression of Brunel’s diverse student population.
  • Further analyse preliminary findings with regards to progression and retention.
  • Identify a sample and sort such data to map UG student progression and achievement (year on year) from the first year at the University until the third year. Such data will be analysed using available data on the different protected characteristic on Campus.
  • Where necessary, further analyse Students Equality Data on progression and retention by widely investigating the pattern of progression, achievement and retention amongst the different protected characteristics on Campus.
  • Investigate and where necessary, progress work to address any issue(s) relating to low progression and retention of the different student groups.
  • Publish findings and where necessary, consult with relevant staff and students on any action plan designed to address retention and support progression amongst different groups of students.
  •  Share best practice designed to enhance progression and retention from across the sector and within the University.
  • Continue to engage Academic and Administrative staff members in any process of change.
  • Where necessary, identify and set a planned review of current Brunel’s strategies, policies and practices that seek to encourage student satisfaction and inclusive learning.
  • Continue to include an Equality element in the University’s Inclusive Learning Programme for Academic Staff members.

Page last updated: Wednesday 06 June 2012