Student Switch Off Energy Saving Results Announced – how did your hall do?

The energy data is in! The competition was fierce, but we can now announce that Maurice Kogan Hall is the official Student Switch Off 2011/12 winner. Here are the results:

  • First: Maurice Kogan Hall
  • Second: Central Hall
  • Third: Shoreditch Hall
  • Fourth: Stockwell Hall
  • Fifth: North Hall 

Congratulations to all the residents.

Well done and thank you to everyone doing their bit to save energy this year – together small actions can make a big difference! With 16,000 students across the country taking part you’ve saved well over 1,200 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere in three months. That’s the equivalent of leaving a light bulb on for 18,000 years, or flying from London to Manchester 28,000 times!

For more information, see the Brunel University Student Switch Off Facebook Group.

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution?

Welcome back and happy 2013! We hope you’ve had a great break and are fresh and ready for some energy saving - a New Year’s Resolution perhaps?

The hall that saves the most energy this year will get a big free party in the summer, and we’re giving away:

  • £5 Loco’s vouchers, Academy tickets and other goodies for energy saving photos
  • free tickets to the next BLACKOUT party for the best hall!

Make sure you use energy carefully, and join the group Brunel University Student Switch Off to get your hands on some prizes! (Halls students only!).

Here are four easy ways to save energy:

  1. Switch lights and appliances off when you don’t need them
  2. Put a lid on the saucepan – saves up to 90% energy and loads of time
  3. Don’t overfill the kettle – only boil what you need and save time too
  4. Put on layers rather than the heating – adds 3 degrees of warmth

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Staff employment contracts now reflect our commitment to the environment

We are happy to inform you that all employment contracts for new members of staff now include a statement to encourage staff to become more responsible towards the environment.

The statement is: "You further acknowledge that you have received, read and understood the University’s Equal Opportunity Statement and Policy and that you will promote the University’s Environmental Policy and demonstrate commitment to it through actions and decision making. If you have any difficulty in accessing documents on the web, please obtain them from your line manager".

We also encourage all current staff and students to consider the environment. Please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions or comments.

Page last updated: Thursday 21 March 2013