Honorary Fellows 2003

Ann Batters

Ann Batters is Senior Sister in Accident and Emergency (A & E) at Hillingdon Hospital where she has cared for patients, including staff and students from Brunel, for over 30 years. She trained at West Middlesex Hospital and moved to Hillingdon Hospital to specialise in A & E, where her responsibilities now include Major Incident Planning - training staff and maintaining the Hospital's readiness for any disaster. She is also a member of the London Regional Personal Protective Equipment and Decontamination Team, involved in the preparation of London's hospitals to cope with the changing threat of terrorism.

Ann is the Founder and Co-ordinator of the Hospital's Casualty Support Team, training local people and organisations to support the "walking" survivors of major incidents, as well as their friends and family. She is also the Founder of the Hospital's Rape Suite, which was set up in collaboration with Hillingdon and Heathrow Police, London Forensic Medical Examiners and the Home Office. The Rape Suite brings together the services necessary to meet victims' needs, both medical and legal, which were previously fragmented.


Monty Bogard

Monty Bogard retired from his post as Senior Tutor in the School of Business and Management in 2001, after 36 years' service. Monty was educated at Highgate School and the University of Birmingham. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant and joined the staff of Chiswick Polytechnic in 1965 as an Assistant Lecturer, gaining promotion to Principal Lecturer in 1980. He served as branch secretary of the ATTI/NATFHE for over 30 years at Chiswick Polytechnic, West London Institute and at Brunel. He was also involved in the successful negotiations to harmonise the conditions of service for members of academic staff at the former West London Institute. He brought his knowledge of staff concerns to bear as a member of Brunel Senate from 1995 to 2000.

Monty contributed much to the development of Business and Management education in the region, serving as a member of the London and South Eastern Regional Advisory Committee for Business and Management Studies from 1974 -1988 and as a co-opted member of the London Borough of Hounslow Education Committee from 1986-90.


Tony Coldough

Tony Coldough obtained his PhD in Physics from Imperial College, London. Between 1986 and 1998, he was one of Brunel's key liaison contacts with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) at Teddington and he was appointed by the University as a Professor Associate to the Brunel Centre for Manufacturing Metrology (BCMM).

Prior to his retirement from NPL in 1998, Tony, as one of the Corporate Directors, facilitated the establishment with the University of 16 NPL supported PhD and EngD research studentships and several DTI research contracts in the fields of length, optical, acoustical, force, and acoustic emission metrologies. He was an active participant in BCMM's DTI funded programme to develop and promote to industry across the UK the new National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Measurements and Inspection. He has given metrology lectures to both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University and is currently a member of the University Court and of the Advisory Board for the Metrology Centre.


Catherine Dann

Catherine Dann has lived in Hillingdon for 26 years and has been an elected member of Hillingdon Council since 1990, originally for Cavendish Ward and latterly for Eastcote and East Ruislip. She was appointed Mayor during 2001-2. Throughout her period of office as Mayor, she and her husband, Consort Norman Dann, promoted Hillingdon as having a major university meeting the support of its local community. She has attended many University functions and held her mayoral banquet at Brunel.

She has been Chair or member of several committees involved with Social Services and has also served on policy and appointment panels for the Council. Her interest and commitment to education and to people young and old is evidenced through the many local schools and organizations to which she dedicates her time. They include Bishop Ramsey C of E School, Newnharn Junior School, a local police liaison group, Ruislip-Northwood Old Folks' Association and the Acorn Youth Group.


Vince Lewis

Vince Lewis joined the Junior Department of Acton Technical College in 1949 and continued his service with the College and then the University into the 21st century with only a short break for a few months spent with the institution that became City University.

Photoelasticity and strain measurement more generally were Vince's particular interests, and the Mechanical Engineering laboratories he created when the University moved to Uxbridge provided students with experience unsurpassed within the University system at that time.

Despite promotions to Senior and Principal Lecturer, and twice serving as Acting Head when Heads of Department moved on to become Vice- Principal, Vince remained committed to teaching throughout his career. He was not a narrow specialist, but one who could introduce first year students to a broad spectrum of engineering.

Following his retirement from full-time service, Vince was responsible for looking after Students on the Foundations of Engineering programme, which prepared students with non-standard educational backgrounds for demanding engineering degree courses.


Jeanie Mee

Jeannie Mee originally trained as an occupational therapist in Australia before moving to England and has been associated with Brunel University London in a variety of capacities for many years.

In 1999 she was one of the first cohort Of Students to graduate from the MSc Occupational Therapy course at Brunel offered by the Department of Health and Social Care. Since then she has become an advocate for the course, encouraging her staff and others to consider this postgraduate qualification.

As a manager of occupational therapy services in Hounslow and Spelthorne Mental Health Services, then Director of Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation at Broadmoor Special Hospital, and currently as Head of Allied Health Professions at the West London Mental Health Trust, she has provided practice placements for an ever-increasing number of Brunel occupational therapy students. In addition, she served as a member of the University's Course Committee for the undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy for six years until 2002.


David Oxlade

David Oxlade joined Xenova as Chief Executive (Xenova Discovery Ltd) in June 1997 and was appointed Group Chief Executive of the Xenova Group in March 1998. Since becoming Group Chief Executive, David has focussed the business on cancer drug discovery and development. He has over 30 years' experience in the healthcare industry, mainly in bio- pharmaceuticals and diagnostic analytical systems with management responsibility for operations worldwide. He has worked extensively at senior management level in the USA and Asia as well as in Europe.

Originally trained as a biochemist, David has successfully created new businesses and has overseen the introduction of pioneering new technology to market in fields such as molecular genetics.

In 2000 Xenova Group plc signed a collaborative research agreement for the discovery and development of novel classes of telomerase (anti- cancer target) inhibitors with Brunel University London. Xenovas cancer drug discovery expertise allied to Brunel's research capabilities is aiming in the not too distant future, to see the development of new drug candidates for clinical evaluation. The collaboration between Xenova Group plc and Brunel's Institute of Cancer Genetics and Pharmacogenomics continues today.


Peter Russell

Peter Russell was employed by Brunel University London in 1966 as a Lecturer in Mathematics. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer and, in the late 1970s, took on an additional co-ordinating role when the University merged with the former Shoreclitch College (now the Runnymede Campus). At this time he was also a local councillor and member of the GLC. Brunel's Science Park opened in 1986 and Peter was appointed as its Director, a post he held until his retirement in June 2003. Peter helped to raise Brunel's profile as the only London University with an on-campus Science Park.

Brunel was the first UK University to establish a campus-based Science Park. Its Science Park now provides a home for 23 companies. Brunel's Business Enterprise Centre (BEC), with over f-2 million of pump priming investment, is leading Brunel's effort to commercialise Brunel invention and new knowledge.

Peter was a Founding Director of the United Kingdom Science Park Association (UKSPA) and was Chairman for two years. During that time he developed international links around the world and was a true emissary for Brunel. Although now formally retired, Peter remains Brunel's representative at UKSPA and is also a non-executive director of the Science Park company.

Peter sits as a magistrate at Uxbridge and has, for many years, been Chair of Abbeyfield Uxbridge Society which provides accommodation and support for senior citizens.


Tom Tranter

Tom Tranter retired in July 2002 after 34 years' service at Brunel and its constituent colleges. He joined the then Borough Road College in 1968 and, following mergers, worked for West London Institute, Brunel University College and then the University. Following his retirement from full-time teaching in 1997, he continued to work part-time in the Department of Sport Sciences.

Tom's contribution to the development of Sports Education include design and implementation of a pioneering new BEA Secondary course in 1982; on the Acting Headship of the Physical Education Department in 1983; stalwart service over many years on the Academic Board at West London Institute; and academic and welfare advice to students as BSc Director Of Studies on the Integrated Degree Scheme, a post he held until his retirement from full-time lecturing.

Tom is fully involved in the local community, with links to local schools and is currently Chair of Governors at Isleworth and Syon School. He is also involved in the broader community through his lifelong involvement with football. Tom successfully coached semi-professional clubs in the 70s and early 80s and has produced both Premiership and International players alike. He is a Football Association International Staff Coach.

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