Honorary Graduates 2000

Anthony Rivers Woodbridge - 2000
Anthony Woodbridge is a Solicitor, who has not only practised law but has established and managed law practices, whilst at the same time being much involved in the administration of charities and of National Health Service Trusts. Anthony Woodbridge was... read full details

Baroness Susan Greenfield - 2000
Susan Greenfield is a leading neuroscientist and director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. She is known for her research into the brain including the effects of Information Technology on the brain cells of the young and the old,... read full details

Christopher Gent - 2000
Christopher Gent is Chief Executive of Vodafone AirTouch. He is a prominent figure in the world of wireless communications, well known for his ability to formulate an ambitious strategy and to achieve it. Indeed Vodafone is the world leader in... read full details

Denis James Burrell - 2000
There may be people in the congregation today who, like our honorary graduand, can lay claim to saving lives this year. Unlike our honorary graduand, few will know exactly how many lives their company's endeavours have saved this year, last... read full details

Dorian Clement Ashton Leatham - 2000
Welcome to a life in the day of Dorian Leatham Chief Executive of the London Borough of Hillingdon. It's cold and quite dark and raining and 6.00 in the morning. Most of us are still in bed, some of you... read full details

Dr Joanna Petra Fransisca Maria Le Metais - 2000
Joanna Le Metais, a woman and a graduate of this University is a role model for all of us who work in education. She is in education because she believes it is the most important force in the world, not... read full details

Dr John Taylor - 2000
The economic success of a country determines its autonomy, the prosperity of its citizens, the effectiveness of its social institutions. No quarter is given in the business of competition between States. In international trade, the United Kingdom must rely on... read full details

Graham Kendrick - 2000
Graham Kendrick Singer, songwriter. Doctor of Divinity Awarded by London Bible College - July 2000... read full details

Lord Bragg of Wigton - 2000
Yesterday's Times called Melvyn Bragg "Britain's premier elder statesman of the Arts" and described struggles between BBC and ITV to have him lead their Arts outputs. All who watch or listen to serious broadcasting know Melvyn Bragg as a media... read full details

Professor Andrew Motion - 2000
I am going to begin, rather uncharacteristically, with some words from Browning: "Stand still, true poet that you are! "I know you: let me try and draw you" Well, switching back to prose, I can tell you that Andrew Motion... read full details

Professor Stephen Charles Orchard - 2000
The Reverend Stephen Orchard is Chairman of the British and Foreign School Society, The BFSS, which is the major sponsor of the Religious Education Centre located on the Osterley campus of the University. Lancaster House, which dominates our Osterley campus,... read full details

Stuart Etherington - 2000
Stuart James Etherington is a distinguished member of the voluntary sector where he has devoted his career to the management of various charitable organisations including the Joseph Rowntree Trust, the British Association of Social Workers, the Royal National Institute for... read full details

Thomas Robson - 2000
Tom Robson's official title is Chief Executive Officer and Director of HSBC Bank Malta Group but you and I would call him a bank manager. Now bank managers often get a very bad press. Take this letter to an agony... read full details

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