Secure Online Payments

Secure Online Credit/Debit Card Payments

Brunel University London provides a secure Online Payment facility where payments for a variety of charges may be made by debit or credit card. Most major cards are accepted, other than those issued by Diners Club or American Express.

This service is currently available for the payment of Tuition Deposits and Instalments, Accommodation Deposits and Instalments and Fines. Payments made via this facility will normally be reflected on your University maintained Student Account within 48 hours, excluding weekends, public holidays and University closure dates.

Set-up an Online Payment

If you wish to make a payment at this time, please visit:


Paperless Direct Debit (cannot be used to pay Deposits for Accommodation or Tuition)

If you have a suitable UK bank account and have elected to pay for your Tuition and/or Accommodation in instalments, you may wish to provide us with your bank details in order to set-up a Direct Debit. This would allow us to collect future Tuition or Accommodation instalment payments automatically as they become due. It will take a minimum of 15 working days from providing your details in order for your Direct Debit to be activated and you should not therefore use this option if your payment is required more immediately. Please also note that this facility is only available for payment of the standard Tuition instalments due from November to March and Accommodation instalments due from October to May. Deposits, instalments due at enrolment and any other types of charge you might incur will have to be paid separately by another method.

Important note regarding Tuition Fees: Please be aware that the provision of bank details for setting up a Direct Debit will not in itself result in your Tuition Fees being collected successfully; you must also ensure that you select the appropriate payment method when you complete the task to enrol on your course.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student (or a ‘guest’), when do I complete my Direct Debit setup?

For Tuition instalments, you will enter your bank account details as part of the online enrolment process. For Accommodation instalments you will be prompted to complete your Direct Debit form at the end of the online contract acceptance process. Outside of these processes, you may amend details previously provided by re-submitting new details via the link below. If your parents or someone else are paying on your behalf, it is they who will need to complete the Direct Debit setup as we can only accept bank details from a genuine account holder. If they do not have access to the Internet, they must contact the Brunel University London Student Centre (contact details below) to setup the instruction by phone.

I am a parent (or someone else) paying on a student’s behalf; do I need to do anything different?

Under the rules of the Paperless Direct Debit scheme, only the genuine account holder may setup a Direct Debit instruction; this means that the student should not enter your bank details. As the account holder, you will need to access the University’s Paperless Direct Debit facility and, for verification purposes, be ready to provide the relevant Student’s ID number and their date of birth before entering your own bank details.

I wish to pay for both my Tuition and Accommodation by Direct Debit; do I need to setup two separate Direct Debits?

Yes; the charges for Tuition and Accommodation are completely separate to each other and as part of the setup process you must choose whether the Direct Debit is applicable to Tuition or Accommodation.

I have provided my bank details; what happens next?

A minimum of 10 days prior to the first collection being made, the University will issue a confirmation letter to the bank account holder detailing the account details received and the dates and amounts to be collected. If you haven’t received a confirmation letter 10 days prior to the date of the first expected collection, please contact the Student Centre (contact details below) who will be happy to assist.

I have previously provided my bank details to setup a Direct Debit and now wish to change them; what do I do?

To change or amend previously supplied bank details, simply setup a new Direct Debit using the new details. Our systems will automatically close the existing Direct Debit and setup a new one using your new details. Bear in mind that setting up the new Direct Debit will be subject to the same minimum 15 working days activation lead time and any payments due from you during this period would still need to be made on time but by another method.

I have another question that isn’t already covered here; who should I contact?

For any questions regarding the Direct Debit process, please contact the Student Centre who will be happy to assist you.


Set-up a Direct Debit

If you wish to set-up a Direct Debit instruction at this time, please visit:

Contact the Student Centre

Page last updated: Thursday 05 July 2012