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Core values


In support of our Mission, we adhere to a set of core values. These ‘ethical guidelines’ give meaning to what we do, and provide each and every member of the Brunel community – whether staff or students, academic or non-academic – with a sense of what we consider to be the most desirable way of working together:


Excellence prevails in the education we offer, in the research that we conduct and in the services that we provide.


Creativity, invention, innovation, and a general spirit of discovery are fostered in all aspects of our work.


We act with integrity, treat each other with dignity and respect, and are committed to fairness in our practices, policies and procedures.


Openness and clarity of purpose are key to how we communicate with each other and with the outside world.


We encourage, support and empower members of our community to achieve individual and collective goals.


We have a shared responsibility for developing our university, and we want everyone to feel that they can contribute to our success.


Collaborations within the university, and between the university and external partners, are enriching and rewarding.


Planned sustainable development (financially, socially and environmentally) is crucially important to securing our future.


We have the confidence to be the architects of our own future, and to be proactive in improving our professional environment.