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Mission and vision


Driven by our dedication to excellence and quality in everything we do, this Strategic Plan for 2012-2017 points the way to the realisation of an ambitious set of priorities and objectives.

It has been designed to confirm Brunel’s place in the top third of UK Higher Education Institutions, as a university with a robust plan of development, a strong aspiration to greatly improve its educational and research activities, and a clear sense of self-determination. The pathway that runs through the plan is characterised by our desire to consolidate our strengths, to integrate further our research and educational activities, to optimise our infrastructure and accelerate our success.

All of our activities are underpinned by a single mission, which acts as the guiding principle behind what we do as a Higher Education Institution.

Our mission

To create knowledge and advance understanding, and equip versatile graduates with the confidence to apply what they have learnt for the benefit of society

Our vision

To be a world-class creative community that is inspired to work, think and learn together to meet the challenges of the future