Staff Profiles

Name and Contact Details Research Interests
Ms Celia Brayfield
Role: Reader in Creative Writing & Director of the Creative Enterprise Centre

Phone: 01895 267290/07788 710 130
Office: Gaskell Building 130
  • Contemporary literary novels
  • Crossover or genre fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fiction which explores the changing role of women
  • Critical proposals relating to the young women writers of the Sixties
Dr Bernardine Evaristo
Role: Reader in Creative Writing and Creative Writing Admissions Tutor

Phone: 01895 267240
Office: Gaskell Building 132
  • A wide range of contemporary British fiction
  • All kinds of international/multi-culture fiction
  • Historical fiction and alternate universe
  • Afro-diaspora interests
  • Verse fiction/ experimental fiction
Mr Max Kinnings
Role: Head of Creative Writing

Phone: 01895 267506
Office: Gaskell Building 140
  • Screenwriting
  • Genre fiction
  • Screen adaptation
  • The writing of novel and film sequels
  • Writing comedy
Mr Frazer Lee
Role: Lecturer

Phone: 01895 266578
Office: Gaskell Building 131
  • Screenwriting original works, adaptations, and sequels
  • Writing novels, their sequels, and movie novelisations
  • Writing horror
Ms Sarah Penny
Role: Lecturer in Creative Writing

Phone: 01895 266581
Office: Gaskell Building 131
  • Autobiographical writing
  • Women’s writing
  • Postcolonial fiction
  • Children’s fiction
  • Female genital mutilation in Africa and the UK
  • The fusion of creative writing and dramatherapy
Mr Matt Thorne
Role: Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing

Phone: 01895 265839
Office: Gaskell Building 133
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Popular Culture
  • Children's Books
  • Screenwriting
  • Criticism
Professor Benjamin Zephaniah
Role: Professor of Poetry and Creative Writing

Office: Gaskell Building 137
  • Performance and Dub Poetry
  • Engaging reluctant readers
  • Expressing multiculturalism
  • Poetry in political struggles

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