The David Ogilvy Scholarship Programme

The Ogilvy Group

The Ogilvy Group UK is part of one of the world's largest and most prestigious advertising agencies, founded by an Englishman, David Ogilvy CBE, in 1948. You can read more about David Ogilvy and how he worked here:

In its time, the Group has employed many leading writers and artists, including Fay Weldon, Professor of Creative Writing at Brunel, and the novelist Salman Rushdie, who wrote Midnight's Children during his time there.
You can find out more about Ogilvy UK at their web site, or through their YouTube channel. They also have a Facebook group where you can check out their work, meet their people and have a look at pictures of their offices. You an also follow Ogilvy London on Twitter – and

The David Ogilvy Scholarship Programme

In memory of their founder, the Ogilvy Group has set up a scholarship programme with Brunel University for students currently studying at the School of Arts. The programme is designed to give our graduates a privileged introduction to the advertising industry and to put them in a strong position to apply for the sought-after gradute trainee schemes at the group such as the Summer School or Fellowship scheme. We will also be leading creative writing workshops for the Group.

The programme will comprise:

  1. An induction day at Ogilvy's HQ at Canary Wharf, for up to 20 students. This will be run by Fellows on the Ogilvy Fellowship Scheme, who are themselves some two years on from graduation, and will take place during the Term 2 reading week beginning February 15 2012. (Exact date to be confirmed.)

    To apply for a place in the induction day, please send your CV to by January 11 2012. All School of Arts students may apply for the induction days but precedence will be given to Creative Writing or English & Creative Writing students. Your travel expenses for the day will be paid by the scheme up to £15 each.

  2. Work shadowing weeks for 6 students studying Creative Writing and English & Creative Writing in Year 1, 2011/12. They will be teamed with Ogilvy Fellows to follow them through normal working days. The Programme will meet your expenses up to £100 per week.

    To apply for a shadowing week, please send your CV to by 21 February 2011.

  3. The David Ogilvy Scholarship, of £7,500, will be awarded in July 2012. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of an essay discussing David Ogilvy's statement that "Advertising reflects the mores of society, but it does not influence them." The essay should be 3000 words in length and you may refer to current or classic advertising campaigns to illustrate your arguments.

You can apply for the Scholarship even if you haven't taken part in the induction day or shadowing weeks, but will obviously been in a stronger position to compete if you have had these experiences. The award will also be contingent on good (80% upwards) attendance at Brunel and a 2.1 grade profile or higher, and will be judged by the Director of the Creative Writing Programme, the Head of School of Arts and an Ogilvy representative.

To apply for the Scholarship, please send your essay and CV to by 30 April 2012.


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