Staff Profiles

Name and Contact Details Research Interests
Dr Jessica Cox
Role: Lecturer

Phone: 01895 266402
Office: Gaskell Building 126
  • Victorian sensation fiction
  • The Brontës
  • First-wave feminism
  • Neo-Victorianism
  • Gender and popular culture
Dr Elizabeth Evenden
Role: Senior Lecturer

Phone: 01895 267506
Office: Gaskell Building 128
  • Early modern printing and the dissemination of printed texts in England, Portugal and Spain
  • The patronage and financing of the book trade in early modern Europe
  • The Reformation in print
  • Printed editions of early modern drama (from the sixteenth to the 21st century)
  • Bibliography, editorial theory and paleography
Mr David Fulton
Role: Lecturer

Phone: 01895 266552
Office: Gaskell Building 122
  • British modernist poetry
  • Thom Gunn
  • American modernist poetry
  • Creative writing (poetry)
Dr Sean Gaston
Role: Reader in English

Phone: 01895 267365
Office: Gaskell Building 127
  • George Eliot
  • Jane Austen
  • Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Novel
  • Stendhal
  • Thomas Pynchon
Dr Nick Hubble
Role: English Subject Leader; Senior Lecturer; Deputy Director, Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing

Phone: 01895 266245
Office: Gaskell Building 123
  • Mass-Observation
  • Modern and Contemporary British Literature (1900 – )
  • ‘New Humanities’ and Interdisciplinary Narrative Research
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
Dr Wendy Knepper
Role: Senior Lecturer

Phone: 01895 267816
Office: Gaskell Building 135
  • Globalizing Literary Studies & World Literature
  • Transnational modernisms and New Modernist Studies
  • Postcolonial literature and theory
  • Caribbean literatures
  • Gender studies, women’s writing and feminist perspectives
Professor James Knowles
Role: Professor of Renaissance Literature and Culture
Deputy Head of School (REF Strategy)

Phone: 01895 267332
Office: Gaskell Building 141
  • Renaissance literature and culture, esp the court masque and civic pageantry, city comedy, revenge and political drama
  • Caroline and civil war writing
  • Literary and cultural geographies and orientalism, early modern Irish and Scottish cultures
  • Patronage and collecting, esp libraries
  • Manliness, sexualities and book culture including modern and contemporary gay writing and queer theory
  • Book and manuscript culture, verse libels and literary circulations, censorship, and textual editing
Professor William (Bill) Leahy
Role: Vice Principal (Academic)

Phone: 01895 266553
Office: Lecture Centre 020
  • Shakespeare’s History plays
  • Shakespeare Authorship Question
  • Shakespeare’s Audience
  • Elizabethan Processional literature
Dr Claire Lynch
Role: Senior Lecturer

Phone: 01895 266475
Office: Gaskell Building 134
  • Irish Literature
  • Autobiography and Life Writing
  • Cyberculture and hypertexts
  • Childhood and youth
Dr Anshuman Mondal
Role: Reader in English

Phone: 01895 267066
Office: Gaskell Building 125
  • Postcolonial studies: colonial and post-colonial literature, culture and history
  • Literatures of South Asia, South Asian diaspora, Black and Asian British writing; modern Arabic fiction (in translation)
  • Culture and Identity: race, ethnicity, nationalism, multiculturalism
  • Religion, modernity and secularism, especially modern Islam, fundamentalism, and the politics of the Middle East
  • Theory: Marxism, postcolonialism, cultural studies
Dr Jago Morrison
Role: Senior Lecturer and Senior Tutor

Phone: 01895 265827
Office: Gaskell Building 129
  • Contemporary Fiction 1945-present in a world context
  • Postcolonial writing, especially Nigeria
  • Chinua Achebe
  • Contemporary Women's Writing
  • Literary approaches to Ageing
Professor Will Self
Role: Professor of Contemporary Thought

Office: Gaskell Building 139

  • Psychogeography: The psychological and political relationship between the built and the natural environment
  • The impact of digital technology on cultural hegemont
  • The future of the novel, its form and practise

Professor William Spurlin
Role: Professor of English

Phone: 01895 266234
Office: Gaskell Building 142
  • Queer studies
  • Gender studies
  • Postcolonial studies (with an emphasis on gender, queer, and/or Africa)
  • Critical theory
  • African or African-American studies
  • Comparative literature or translation (with an emphasis on gender or queer)
  • Diaspora/migration/border studies (with in an emphasis on gender or queer)
  • 20th century/modernist/postmodernist literatures/cultures
Professor Philip Tew
Role: Professor of English (Post-1900 Literature); Director Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing; Research Coordinator for English

Phone: +44 (0)1895 267257
Office: GB138
  • The Anglo-American post-war experimental novel, including Paul Abelman, Alan Burns, B.S. Johnson, James Jones, Ann Quin, Kurt Vonnegut, and their contemporaries
  • 20th and 21st century Anglophone fiction
  • Social and cultural theories of narrative, particularly social narrative exchange, and narrative intersubjectivity
  • Philosophical, theoretical, critical, aesthetic and meta-realist (critical and radical realist) interpretations and analysis of culture
  • Social gerontology, ageing and public policy
Dr Sara Trevisan
Role: Lecturer in Renaissance and Early Modern English Literature; English Admissions Tutor

Phone: 01895 266099
Office: GB128
  • Early modern royal and civic festivals
  • Geography and landscape in literature
  • Literature and the sea
  • Literature and the visual arts
  • English poetry and theatre (1500-1700)
Professor William Watkin
Role: Professor

Phone: 01895 266560
Office: Gaskell Building 144
  • Contemporary Poetry and Poetics
  • Literature and Philosophy
  • Contemporary Continental Philosophy: Agamben, Badiou, Deleuze, Nancy
  • Indifference

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