Student Testimonials

Sheerin graduated in 2006 and is currently taking a placement with the world-renowned arts PR company, Colman Getty

'My three years at Brunel were very happy and during my time there I made numerous new friendships and connections. The course itself was occasionally difficult but very interesting and constantly challenging, with most lecturers being very helpful and supportive throughout.

Since graduation I have gone on to an internship with Colman Getty PR. I enjoy the job immensely and am learning a great deal not only about the world of PR but also about the publishing and arts industries as a whole. I am also keen to continue working on my first book with aspirations of eventually having it published.

Ultimately my dream is to go travelling to the Far East for a few years to explore the many different cultures and to take in the amazing natural scenery. I would love to experience the varieties in cultural identities and to explore the Eastern world as a whole.'

Ashionye was the course representative for English

Ashionye'I chose to study at Brunel because of its diversity and freedom of choice. The course is broken down into modules, which can be likened to a sweet assortment - you can pick and mix modules to suit your individual tastes. This is what makes the experience of an English degree at Brunel truly unique. It combines both traditional and contemporary literature in the form of plays and novels so that you can study anything from Shakespeare to texts with a multicultural context.

The Creative Writing course is a practical one that should prove invaluable for my career in writing and journalism.'

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