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Name and Contact Details Summary
Dr Doug Brown
Role: Subject Leader Games Design

Phone: 01895 267913
Office: Gaskell Building 152

Doug lectures in digital games theory and runs the School of Arts undergraduate games programmes. He has a BA (Hons) Degree in English from Oxford University (St Edmund Hall), an MA in Games Theory and Design and a PhD in Games Theory, both from Brunel. He has recently completed, and is now seeking to publish research into how the suspension of disbelief works in videogames.

A lifelong gamer, Doug has also worked in the games industry for Square-Enix / Eidos, credited on several titles. He chose to enter into academic research on games rather than continue a career in the industry because writing about games and trying to understand them more deeply had been a lifelong goal and interest.

Doug has had articles published in journals and written chapters of edited collections, often collaborating with Prof. Tanya Krzywinska since their research interests align. These interests include games and narrative, MMO and Online gaming structures and games' place as an exciting new artistic medium. All of this hinges around a passion for gaming as a new textual form, and its potential to work with the human imagination. Doug’s career development has matched games’ generally breaking out into the mainstream while simultaneously starting to be taken seriously as a media form by critics and academics. It is Doug’s desire to help this continue and take root, by showing students the importance of understanding games’ unique features and possibilities within the context of other media. Unlocking the storytelling potential of games as a medium is something he hopes his own research and the work of his students both in academia and the games industry will achieve in the future. He is always happy to field any questions or requests from current or potential students.

Mr Chris Cox
Role: Lecturer

Phone: 01895 265696
Office: Gaskell Building 151

Chris lectures in Games Design and Games Application. He has an MA in Games Theory and Design from Brunel. He is particularly interested in player engagement with different game styles or mechanics and enjoys combining games theory with the more practical side of design.

Chris has worked in creative industries for many years in both theatre and games and live events. He has experience working as a games designer for Lady Shotgun Games where he currently works part-time and also as a consultant producer for other games companies.

Chris plays all sorts of games and is an enthusiast for almost every genre, from tabletop one shot games to complex simulations taking in everything on the journey.

Professor Steve Jackson
Role: Visiting Lecturer Games Design


Games industry legend and co-founder of both successful games studio Lionhead with Peter Molyneux and high street chain Games Workshop with Ian Livingstone, Steve Jackson has over 30 years of experience in the worlds of role-playing and video games. He is the co-creator and author of the famous 'Fighting Fantasy' series of books, and has also written on games for the Daily Telegraph. Extremely well connected and highly regarded within the modern games industry, Steve teaches students about the business reality of games, and introduces them to a wide array of contacts on our industry speakers programme. 

Mr Matthew O'Dell
Role: Lecturer

Phone: 01895 265787
Email: matthew.o'
Office: Gaskell Building 152

Matthew runs workshops for BA and MA students on the School of Arts Games Design programs. After graduating from Central St. Martins with an MA in Industrial Design, he worked as a User Interface Designer at Xerox and others, whilst teaching himself 3DS Max in his spare time. From there he joined an online games company as a 3D modeller / 2D artist, creating and animating characters and environments.

In recent years he has taught at various higher and further education colleges, mostly in the areas of Games Art and the Adobe Creative Suite. He has a passion for art, computers and teaching and is looking forward to helping students make the best-looking games they can.

A lifelong gamer starting with the BBC Micro, Matthew enjoys anything with great graphics, atmosphere and / or uncomplicated controls. Favourites include Ridge Racer, Half-Life, Portal, Uncharted, Resident Evil, R-Type, Final Fight and Pixeljunk Shooter.  

Mr Justin Parsler
Role: Lecturer, Games Design

Phone: 01895 265214
Office: Gaskell Building 151

Justin Parsler is a lecturer in game design and has earned a living designing and running games since he was sixteen, with a three year break from that two (nearly three) decade spree to take a Humanities Degree at Greenwich University. He completed a Masters Degree in Digital Games at Brunel the first year the programme was run and has been teaching the design portion of the course ever since.

As well as lecturing, Justin presently works part time as a consulting designer for Mediatonic, one of our industry partners working on a large variety of games.

Justin is currently undertaking a PhD at Brunel, in which he is assembling a taxonomy of agency (something he will talk about at length to anyone who does not run fast enough). In a comparatively fast time he has been published in various academic journals writing about a variety of topics.

Justin has a great deal of experience, both as designer and player, of almost every type of game there is and has very eclectic tastes - as long as it is a game.

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