Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance (CCDP)


The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance was created in autumn 2006 and is now recognized as a Brunel University Research Centre.

The expanded core staff of the centre includes:Tom Betteridge, Johannes Birringer, Susan BroadhurstBroderick Chow, Meretta Elliott, Grant Peterson, Daniel Ploeger, Royona Mitra, Mary RichardsStelarc, Fiona Templeton, Joel Anderson and Ian Morgan.

The polycentric emphases in the new research environment rest on a distinctive transdisciplinary vision which fuses artistic performance, theatre and live art with new media technologies and creative software writing/engineering. Open to partnerships in research collaboration with others in the School of Arts, the School of Engineering and Design, and other centers and institutions elsewhere in the UK and abroad, the core group activities centre on the integration of creative arts, performance writing, directing, choreography and performance design with digital technologies. investigating new and exciting opportunities for working at the frontiers of art, science, and technology, where new modes of performance and interaction are invented.

The core research group in the Centre and its partners seek to explore and to help define the future of performance art in its intersections with digital cultures, and with new media technologies and communications in the creative industries. Our strategic aims over the next hears envision building a leading international role in researching physical theatre and digital performance (with the annual ARTAUD FORUM serving as a hybrid laboratory for research symposia and exhibitions); to develop innovative collaborations with institutional and extra-institutional partners; and sustain research excellency amongst our postgraduate students.

Prof Johannes Birringer is director of the research coordination and research architecture of the new Centre.

Design and Performance Lab

DAP-Lab is a cross-media lab exploring convergences between telematic performance, textile/fashion design and dance, clothing and choreography, visual expression, film/photography, music and interactive design. As an experimental process, research participants from performance, fashion, new media and engineering explore the intimate relations between textures in motion, design ideas for smart fabrics and wearables, within a film-and-performance studio environment which allows the garments to be used for interaction with physical camera and real-time processing using digital software that responds to body movement and sensory processing. The multiple processes join skin and fabrics, color, sound and visualization technologies. in 2006-2009, The DAP-Lab will also enter an eScience projectdevelopment phase during which its members, with partners from the School of Engineering and Design, build DanceGrid, a Grid-enabled Virtual Performance Environment for Telematic Dance.

Lab directors: Prof Johannes Birringer & Michele Danjoux

DAP-Lab research projects online

Fig1 Helenna Ren manipulating her partial garment in telematic performance. Videostill � 2005 J Birringer

Figure 1. Helenna Ren manipulating her partial garment in telematic performance. Videostill © 2005 J Birringer.

Fig2 Nam Eun Song with Emergent ScreenDress, Videostill � 2006 M Danjoux  

Figure 2. Nam Eun Song with Emergent ScreenDress, Videostill © 2006 M Danjoux.


Joel Anderson

Tom Betteridge (subject leader)

Johannes Birringer

Susan Broadhurst

Broderick Chow

Meretta Elliott

Royona Mitra

Ian Morgan

Grant Peterson

Daniel Ploeger

Mary Richards


Fiona Templeton

Research Seminars 2013-2014

The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance, in collaboration with dance-tech TVlive, will be running a series of Performance Research Seminars during the autumn/winter term 2013/14.

The seminars are open events and are being co-ordinated by Prof Johannes Birringer, admission is free. For more information please contact johannes.birringer@brunel.ac.uk or call +44 (0) 1895 267343. 

Please click here for the 2013/2014 schedule.


Artaud Forum III

Theatre and Resonant Politics

International Conference-Workshop on Theatre Praxis

(coordinated by Broderick Chow and Johannes Birringer)


Performance   Research Seminar Coordinator: Johannes Birringer

All Research Seminars are co-produced with dance tech live TV and streamed online as well as archived. In collaboration with http://www.livestream.com/dancetechttvlive

DAP-lab.TV:     <<http://dance-tech.tv/videos/daplabtv>>


Please visit our website for further descriptions of the topics and the visiting artists.


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