What’s on your mind? Using social media to evaluate impact of new public policies

Published: Monday 24 October 2016
Social Media Apps
Applying cognitive fuzzy maps to translate opinions on social media into feedback for new public policies

Funded by the Korean Government through the Global Research Network programme (a total of £55,000 until August 2019), this project aims to support policy makers in policy modelling and analysis based on big data collected from social media. In particular, Professor Habin Lee of Brunel Business School will apply fuzzy cognitive maps in converting diverse opinions on social media into a policy model which can be used for simulation to judge the impacts of new policies by policy makers.

In collaboration with two Korean Universities (Hanyang University and Catholic University of Korea), as part of the project implementation and to promote international knowledge exchange and relationships, Brunel will be hosting Korean academic staff during the project led by Professor Habin Lee and Professor Zahir Irani.

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