Ana Cristina Costa

Senior Lecturer

Contact Details

Room: ESGW 202f
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 267374


Ana Cristina Costa (PhD) holds an MSc degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from the ISPA Institute, University of Lisbon in Portugal, and a PhD in Trust in Organizations from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. She is Senior Lecturer Human Resource Management - Organizational Behaviour and has CIPD Academic membership. She has taught a variety of classes including Organizational Behavior, HRM, Knowledge Management, Research Methods, Teamwork and Conflict Management on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate including MBA and PhD courses.

Her research interests include Trust in Organizations, HRM, Social Capital and Teamwork, and Innovation and Knowledge Management in Organizations. Ana Cristina is co-founder of the Innovation Collaborative Research Network ( funded by The Leverhulme Trust which investigates creativity and innovation at work and their effects on job performance, HRM, and employee well-being across Europe in collaboration with Maastricht University (The Netherlands) and University of Valencia (Spain). She is currently visiting Associate Professor at the Research Institute of Personnel Psychology at University of Valencia in Spain.

Ana Cristina is a member of several editorial boards and has been guest editor of special issues for Journals such as Group and Organization Management, International Sociology and Social Science Information. She currently serves as Associate Editor for the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

Membership and affiliation

  • CIPD – Chartered Institute of Personnel Development -
  • European Association for Work and Organizational Psychology –

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Teaching and Research


Teaching and coordination MBA module - Leading People and Managing Organizations
Teaching PhD seminars on research contribution and research design

Research Interests

  • Trust in Organizations
  • Social Capital and Teamwork
  • Innovation and psychological well-being
  • Employees Perspectives on HRM practices
  • Applicant reactions

Research Centres

Work and Organisation Research Centre (WORC)


Journal Papers

(2014)  Maciver, I. , Anderson, N. , Costa, AC.  and Evers, A. , Validity of Interpretation: A User Validity Perspective Beyond the Test Score, International Journal of Selection and Assessment 149- 164 Download publication

(2012)  Anderson, N. , Costa, AC.  and Salgado, JF. , Sustainability and industrial, work, and organizational psychology: Globalization, contribution, and psychological sustainability, Industrial and Organizational Psychology 5 (4)  : 487- 490

(2012)  Anderson, N. , Ahmed, S.  and Costa, AC. , Applicant reactions in Saudi Arabia: Organizational attractiveness and core self-evaluations, International Journal of Selection and Assessment 20 (2)  : 197- 208

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(2011)  Costa, AC.  and Anderson, NR. , Measuring trust in teams: development and validation of a multi-faceted measure of formative and reflexive indicators of team trust, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 20 (1)  : 119- 154

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Book Chapters

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