Maria Balta

Lecturer and Director of Placements

Contact Details

Room: ESGW 202n
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 267116


Dr. Maria Elisavet Balta (BSc, MSc, PhD) holds her PhD from Brunel Business School. She is a lecturer in Strategy and a member of the British Academy of Management (BAM) and the Centre for Research into Entrepreneurship, International Business and Innovation in Emerging Markets (CEIBIEM) within Brunel Business School. She is also a permanent reviewer for the Journal of Business Ethics. In November 2009, she has been appointed as a trustee in a social enterprise organisation in London.

Teaching and Research


MG3047 Strategic Management
MG5570 Understanding Business and Management Research
MG3119 Issues and Controversies in Management
MG5510 MSc Dissertation (Supervision)

Research Interests

Her main interests lie in the areas of

  • strategic management,
  • strategic decision-making,
  • strategic innovation and the adaptation and evolution of firms in highly uncertain environments.

Her current interests are on the examination of the role of dynamic capabilities in organisational adaptation strategies and the strategic positioning of social enterprises.

Research Centres

Centre for Research into Entrepreneurship, International Business and Innovation in Emerging Markets (CEIBIEM)


Journal Papers

(2014)  Simpson, RC. , Hughes, J. , Slutskaya, N.  and Balta, M. , Sacrifice and Distinction in Dirty Work: Men's Construction of Meaning in the Butcher Trade, Work, Employment and Society 754- 770

(2013)  Simpson, R. , Irvine, K. , Balta, M.  and Dickson, K. , Emotions, performance and entrepreneurship in the context of fringe theatre, Organization

(2013)  Balta, ME. , Woods, A.  and Dickson, K. , Strategic decision-making processes as a mediator of the effect of board characteristics on company innovation: A study of publicly-listed firms in Greece, International Journal of Management 30 (1)  : 311- 328 Download publication

(2012)  Balta, ME. , Darlington, C. , Smith, S.  and Cornelius, N. , Entrepreneurial orientation and social innovation practices in social enterprises: The rhetoric and reality, International Journal of Business and Social Sciences 3 (17)  : 24- 32

(2012)  Balta, ME. , Coughlan, J.  and Hobson, P. , Motivations and barriers in undergraduate students’ decisions to enroll in placement courses in the UK, Journal of International Education Research 8 (4)  : 399- 414

(2012)  Balta, ME. , Woods, A.  and Dickson, K. , The role of environment and boards of directors’ characteristics on innovation: An empirical evidence of Greek listed firms, Corporate Ownership and Control Journal 9 (4)  : 429- 440

(2010)  Balta, ME. , Woods, A.  and Dickson, K. , The influence of boards of directors' characteristics on strategic decision-making: Evidence from Greek companies, Journal of Applied Business Research 26 (3)  : 57- 68 Download publication

(2009)  Balta, ME. , Woods, A.  and Dickson, K. , Decision-making amongst Greek executives: Their attributes and environment, Journal of Economic Asymmetries 6 (1)  : 29- 48

(2006)  Koufopoulos, D.  and Balta, M. , Board configuration and performance in Greece: An empirical investigation, Corporate Ownership and Control 4 (1)  : 9- 23

(2005)  Koufopoulos, DN.  and Balta, MEN. , An exploratory study on the executive recruitment and performance in Greece, Corporate Board: Role, Duties & Composition 1 (3)  : 13- 28


(2014)  Özbilgin, M. , Groutsis, D.  and Harvey, W. , International Human Resource Management. Cambridge University Press

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