Zahir Irani

Dean of the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences

Contact Details

Room: ESGW 301k
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 265275
Twitter: @ZahirIrani1


Zahir Irani is Dean of Business, Arts and Social Sciences at Brunel University London. Prior to commencing this role, he was seconded to Whitehall, where he was a Senior Policy Advisor in the Cabinet Office. He is Professor of Operations and Information Management in the Brunel Business School, which he joined in August 2006 as the Head. His has also been the Head of the Department of Information Systems and Computing (now, Department of Computer Science) at Brunel. He completed a BEng (Hons) at Salford University before then accepting a research position where he completed a MPhil. He has a PhD in the area of investment evaluation and undertook his leadership development at the Harvard Business School.

Zahir’s research interests are multidisciplinary in nature, and developed from early work on the area of evaluating investments in Manufacturing Information Systems through to more recent works in Transformational Government. He has received significant levels of funding from across the world as Principal Investigator, including from the UK Research Councils (EPSRC, ESRC), European Commission, Qatar Foundation, Australian Research Council and QinetiQ. He also publishes in leading scholarly journals and has a H-index of almost 60. Zahir manages to find time to write press and thought leadership pieces on higher education and graduate employability that have appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times (FT), Thomson Reuters, University Business, Research Foresight and Times Higher Education (THE).

Under his leadership, Brunel Business School received the 2013/14 Times Higher Award – Business School of the Year.
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Teaching and Research


Leadership and Management
Strategic Planning

Research Interests

  • eGovernment
  • Leadership Development
  • Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (in Manufacturing, Agriculture and eGovernment)
  • Strategy Process, Content, and Context
  • Information Systems Evaluation
  • Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning

Research Centres

Operations and Supply Chain Systems Research Centre (OASIS) Information Systems Evaluation and Integration (ISEing)


Journal Papers

(2014)  Irani, Z.  and Kamal, MM. , Intelligent systems research in the construction industry, Expert Systems with Applications 41 (4 PART 1)  : 934- 950

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(2012)  Mohamed, AF. , Singh, S. , Irani, Z.  and Darwish, TK. , An Analysis of Recruitment, Training and Retention Practices in Domestic and Multinational Enterprises in the country of Brunei Darussalam, International Journal of Human Resource Management (online 4/10/12:10.1080/09585192.2012.723021) Online first

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