Recent PhD Completions

The Brunel Business School has a high completion rate for research programmes within Brunel University which is an indicative reflection on our commitment to research within the School.

Completions 2012/13

First name Surname Topic
Abubakr Saeed Impact of financial reforms on firm's investment from emerging countries
Mohamed Buheji Knowledge Management Influence on Government Organization’s Competitiveness
Tamer Darwish Strategic human resource management and organisational performance: An investigation in the country of Jordan
Audrey Tang Love's Labours Redressed: Reconstructing emotional labour as an interactive process within service work
Olsegun Vincent The Impact of Corporate Environmental Responsibility on Financial Performance: Extractive Sector Perspective
Ebrahim Al-Mutaweh Community Leadership in a New Democracy: A Study of Success Factors and Barriers Influencing Municipal Councils'
Khaled Al-Fawaz Investigating ERP adoption and implementation in service sector organisations
Abdulmonem Alshirawi The Cross Sector Social Interaction between Banks & Non-profit Organisations In Kuwait. An Empirical Study
Abdullah Al-Ghamdi Students’ perceptions of and loyalty towards Internet banking
Maria Saberi The role of emotional intelligence in developing intercultural sensitivity
Nor Abdul Rahman The car manufacturer and third party logistics provider relationship in Malaysia
Mohamed Haffar Influence of Organizational Culture on Total Quality Management Implementation Success : The Mediating Role of Readiness for Change
Maimunah Ali Group Level Influence on Blogs’ Design Behaviour
Suzari Abdul Rahim Supplier selection in the Malaysian telecommunications industry Management
Pantea Foroudi A study of Consumers Perception in the context of a financial setting in the United Kingdom
Javad Mahmoudi Khorassani The Effect of actecedents of trust on performance of international joint ventue (IJVs) in Iran
Maria Argyropoulou The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on Business Performance
Luis Palacios The effect of interactivity in e-learning systems
Reham Ebrahim A study of brand preference: an experimental view
Omar Al-Habash Determinants of Multinational enterprises location and ownership strategy
Rachanee Singprasong A Framework for rapid problem assessment in healthcare delivery systems
Stella Ibiyinka Ojo An Exploratory study on Nigerian Bankers perception the issue of work life balance
Ernest Asimenu International Business - Globalisation and its impact on African Economies: The Case of Ghana
Hala Al Khatib E-Government systems success and user acceptance in developing countries
Fattaah Mohamed HRM in Brunei Darussalam: A Comparative Research Between Local and Multinational Companies
Supawan Ueacharoenkit Importance of Customer Relationship Management
Ali Al Makrami An Investigation into Brand Value Dimensionality and Its Effects on Loyalty
Bahtiar Mohamad Investigating Antecedents and Consequences of Corporate Communication Management (CCM)
Khaled Ibraheem The Relationship between Brand Portfolio Structure and Corporate Reputation : A Customer Perspective.
Chris Ogbechie Corporate Governance & Good Business Practices in Nigeria
Frank Nyame-Asimah Deferred model for designing organisational learning and knowledge management
Mario Burghausen Explicating Corporate Heritage Identity Stewardship Theory
Samira Sajadi The 7Ms Pedagogy Model: Instructional design for learners with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Completions 2011/12

First name Surname Topic
Amir Nasrullah Critical Analysis for Micro Enterprise Policy Development in developing Countries : A Case of Bangladesh
Yousra Asad Export market orientation in universities
Adel Flici A Conceptual Framework for the Direct Marketing Process using Business Intelligence
Mohammad Sharif Abbasi Culture , Demography and Individuals' Technology Acceptance Behaviour : A PLS Based Structural Evaluation of an Extended Model of Technology Acceptance in South- Asian Country Context .
Fida Chandio Studying Acceptance of Online Banking Information System : A Structural Equation Model
Chen-Chu Chen The Use of Corporate Reputation in the Development of Brand Image Strategy in the Taiwanese Pharmaceutical Industry
Rudolf Holzhausen A universal clinical patient vital signs parameter measurement, processing and predictive algorithm
Jamshed Halepota Determinants of Work Attributes and Personality Aspects towards Employees' Job Satisfaction
Marwan Elnaghi Exploring the strategic role of leadership in achieving ICT enabled transformational government
Zahran Al-Salti An Investigation of Knowledge Transfer in Information Systems(IS) Outsourcing : A Clients Perspective.
Karim Al-Yafi A Feature based Comparison of the Centralised versus Market-based Decision Making under the lens of Environment Uncertainty Case of the Mobile Task Problem.
Adel Elgharbawy A Contingency Framework of Enterprise Governance: A Value-Based Management Approach
Roland Bartholme Investigating Determinants and Perceived Consequences of Auditory Identity Management: A Corporate Perspective
Jae Hoon Lim A transition process from IS acceptance to infusion behaviour through socialisation
Jonathan Wilson The Brand, Culture & Stakeholder-based Brand Management phenomenon: An International Delphi Study
Majid Al-Saidi Analytical Study of SWI Policies and Strategies : A Case of Sultanate of Oman
Narissara Kaewsurin Universities' internal branding: A study from the perspective of Thai academic staff.

Completions 2010/11

2009/10 PhD Completions
First name Surname Topic
Salman Alajmi The Effect of National Culture on Service Provision
Hamid Alalwany Towards Holistic Evaluation Framework of E-Government Systems
Talhat Alhaiou Implementation electronic customer relationship management E-CRM in small and medium size enterprise SMEs
Talal Al-Maghrabi Understanding the driving factors that influence online shopping
Fawaz Bin Saeed Location motivations for foreign direct investment in Saudi Arabia
Ian Clarke The Role of Intermediaries in Knowledge Flows within Global Value Chains
Nevine El Tawy Accounting for intellectual capital and its effect on the financial statements' users - with an application on A.R.E.
Shafinar Ismail Students Attitude to Educational Loan Repayments in Malaysia : A Structural Modelling Approach
Luai Jraisat Information sharing (ish) in an export supply chain relationship: the case of the jordanian fresh fruit and vegetables export industry
Joshie Juggessur Luxury Designer Handbag or Counter Feit? An Investigation into the Antecedents Influnecing Womens Purchasing Behaviour of luxury Designer & Counterfeit Brands
Carmen Lopez Conceptualising and measuring the influence of corporate image on country of origin image: The case of Spain
Gizem Oksuzoglu Guven An investigation into the business ethics practices of a post-war society: social trauma and cypriot turks
Rachana Patni Organisational Behaviour in the context of Emergency Disaster Response
Mark Ramrattan Critical success factors for online businesses
Elizabeth Shaw An investigation into Entrepreneurial Social Interaction
Mohammad Al Shahi Implementing change in the public sector through inter-organisational collaboration : An Analysis of Oman's Initatives from a Contextual Perspective.

Completions 2009/10

2009/10 PhD Completions
First name Surname Topic
Raed Algharabat Modelling 3D Product Visualisation for the Online Retailer
Mohammad Almotairi Evaluation of the Implementation of CRM in Developing Countries
Suzan Alqurashi An investigation of antecedents and consequences of organizational commitment  among public employees in Saudi Arabia.
David Arnaud The Development and Testing of an Emotion-Enabled, Structured Decision - Making Procedure
Abdullah Basahel Evulating The Adoption of Strategic Information Systems planning (SISP) in Global Organisations.
Vincent Dadi Exploring the Psychological Contract of Black British Clerical Workers in UK Local Authorities.
Athena Piterou A Network perspective on sociotechnical transitions: the emergence of the electronic book
Ahmed Rageh Ismail Mohamed Investigating British customers experience to maximize brand loyalty within the context of tourism in Egypt: Netnography & Structural modelling approach
Naimmatullah Shah Change management: An issue of employee readiness
Selcuk Uygur The Influence of Religion over Work Ethic Value: The Case of Islam and Turkish SME Owner-Managers

Completions 2008/09

2008/09 PhD Completions
First name Surname Topic
Kholoud Al-Qeisi Analyzing the Use of UTAUT Model to Explain Internet Banking Adoption: A Behavioural Approach.
Bander Alsajjan Internet banking , acceptance across cultures. The case of the United kingdomand kingdon of Saudi Arabia.
Keith Amoss The deployment of international civilians in support of the military operations of NATO: Why do they volunteer?
Syamimi Ariff Lim Development of factors of motivation to influence employee change: case studies of E-Government in Brunei Darussalam.
Yousif Bahzad Developing a Quality Assurance Model in small Miltary Institutions : A case Study of the Bahrain Defence Force.
Maria Balta "The Impact of Business Environment and Boards of Directors on Strategic Decision-Making: A Case Study of Greek Listed Companies".
Suraksha Gupta Branding and relationship management in B2B environment.
Brendan O'rourke The Dichotomous Unity of Enterprise-Strategy Discourse in interviews with Irish small publishing firm proprietors.
Babasola Otubanjo Organisational construction of corporate identity in the Nigerian Banking industry: a deconstructive analysis of corporate advertisements, 1970-2004.
Hao Wu Evolutionary Programming using a mixed mutation strategy.

Completions 2007/08

2007/08 PhD Completions
First name Surname Topic
Mohamed Basuony Examining the effect of BSC and external environment on organizational performance
Weifeng Chen Knowledge management motivators, processes and organisational performance: a critical analysis of Chinese Enterprises
Adrian Monaghan Transitions in the societal management of organic waste: the business of body disposal
Wojciech Piotrowicz Evaluation of electronic procurement implications
Passent Tantawi The effect of socio-demographics on consumers' green consciousness in Egypt

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