Research Groups

Accounting and Auditing Research Group (AARG)

The Accounting and Auditing Research Group (AARG) is directed by Dr Jill Collis. It provides a focus for investigating current issues in corporate financial reporting, assurance and corporate governance in large and small entities. Specialist areas include impact assessments of government policy on the accounting and auditing needs of SMEs and the effect of deregulation on users of their financial statements and the accountancy profession.

The AARC provides a vibrant environment for experienced and emerging researchers. Members are also engaged in supervising and examining doctoral students. -->

Strategy Entrepreneurship and International Business (SEIB)

SEIB was formed in October 2015. It has 16 members many of whom were previously members of CEIBIEM (Centre for Entrepreneurship, International Business and Innovation in Emerging Markets) which was the outcome of a merger in 2010 of two centres the BRESE (Brunel Research into Enterprise, Sustainability and Ethics) and CIBSEM (Centre for International Business and Strategy in Emerging Markets). The former groups were led by Shyama Ramani, Suma Athreye, Francesco Moscone and Rui Baptista. SEIB is presently led by Dimitrios Koufopoulos.

Marketing and Corporate Brand Management (MCBM)

Led by John Balmer, Professor of Corporate Marketing and world-renowned expert in corporate branding and identity, the former CREAM has built on a well-established background in corporate branding, identity and marketing. MCBM is leading the way in developing international research into corporate heritage identity and branding (John Balmer and Weifeng Chen) – an underexplored concept that has potential to offer powerful symbolic and cultural value in a global, commercial context that is increasingly disengaged from the past.

Operations and Information Systems Management Research Group (OISM)

Based on accumulated knowledge and resources in two previously successful research centres (ISEing led by Habin Lee and Ray Hackney; and OASIS previously led by Amir Sharif and David Gallear) of the Business School, OISM has an ambition to be a leading research group specialised in responsible and sustainable operation management; exploring information systems, operations research, management science, and general and strategic management knowledge, using approaches across public and private industry sectors.

Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour Research Group (HMR - OB)

Previously the Work and Organisation Research Centre (WORC)the group has substantially developed and extended past themes to explore broader issues in employment relations, HRM, and performance at work.

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