Research Centres

Accounting and Auditing Research Centre (AARC)

The Accounting and Auditing Research Centre (AARC) is directed by Dr Jill Collis. It provides a focus for investigating current issues in corporate financial reporting, assurance and corporate governance in large and small entities. Specialist areas include impact assessments of government policy on the accounting and auditing needs of SMEs and the effect of deregulation on users of their financial statements and the accountancy profession.

Centre for Research into Entrepreneurship, International Business and Innovation in Emerging Markets (CEIBIEM)

Building on a longstanding expertise in strategy, SMEs and innovation, CEIBIEM addresses contemporary global concerns around international business, entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets. It also focusses on trade and knowledge exchanges with emerging countries (e.g. Ghana, Tanzania, India, China), Eastern European countries (e.g. Bulgaria, Croatia Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia), Mediterranean countries (e.g. Greece, Portugal, Spain) and Middle East countries (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Jordan).

Centre for Research in Marketing (CREAM)

The Centre for Research in Marketing (CREAM) is directed by Professor John M.T. Balmer. The centre is the focus for the business school's marketing research community of around 20 PhD scholars and seven marketing faculty (including Visiting Professor Stephen A. Greyser of Harvard Business School). This lively, hard-working, and collegial group of scholars is active on a variety of research projects and scholarly initiatives. It is a group that, very much in the English University research tradition, "punches above its weight".

Information Systems Evaluation and Integration (ISEing)

Information Systems Evaluation and Integration ISEing is a research centre of excellence that supports a number of Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded networks and projects. This group is housed in the Brunel Business School in collaboration with the excellent-rated (RAE score 5) School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics. ISEing is the first multi-disciplinary research group to receive government funding in the areas of Information Systems Evaluation, Enterprise Integration and eGovernment.

Operations and Supply Chain Systems Group (OASIS)

This research centre was created in 2008 with a mission to undertake rigorous and relevant research into all aspects of Operations Management and Supply Chain Management and related areas. Our work involves taking a combination of operations research, management science, information systems, general management and strategic management knowledge and approaches, in order to evaluate operations and to generate product and service based models and perspectives within and across public and private industry sectors.

Work and Organisation Research Centre (WORC)

Members of WORC undertake applied research into all aspects of performance in the workplace, individual well-being and performance, and Human Resources Management in its broadest sense. Using a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, our work investigates current and pressing issues in performance at three levels of analysis - the individual, the workteam, and the wider organisation. We publish in top-tier outlets internationally, advise organisations in partnership, and seek to generate innovative scientific understanding and professional practice in a diverse set of areas of work performance.

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