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Aims / Vision

CEIBIEM has a unique focus on entrepreneurship, international business and strategy and innovation in emerging markets, which also combines strengths in qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis. Our goal is to promote the study of the future evolution of business in an international and comparative context and to contribute to both practice and policy by enhancing our understanding of contemporary developments in these areas. We are also committed as a group to improving the use of quantitative techniques in the analysis of managerial issues and integrating qualitative insights into a quantitative analysis of issues.

Themes / Distinct Area

CEIBIEM researchers share a strong interest in analysing business and strategy issues in an international perspective: and their research falls under the following main areas:

  • Entrepreneurship and small businesses in emerging markets.
  • Innovation and technical strategies in emerging markets.
  • Internationalisation strategies of firms from emerging markets.
  • Internationalisation strategies of firms in new industrial sectors.
  • Impact of international investments on the host economy and local firms (including methods for spatial spillovers).
  • Offshoring of technology and business processes: Cause and Consequences
  • Comparative international Management.

Journals / Publications

Members of CEIBIEM are active in publishing in a range of top-tier journals. These include several top-rated academic journals as well as more practitioner-oriented outlets and magazines. Members of the research centre have recently published papers in:

  • Research Policy
  • Regional Science and Urban Economics
  • Journal of the Royal Statistical Society
  • Industrial and Corporate Change
  • New Technology, Work and Employment
  • Economics Letters
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
  • International Business Review
  • International Journal of Production Economics
  • International Journal of Human resource Management
  • International Small Business Journal
  • Regional Studies
  • Journal of Marketing Management
  • Review of International Economics
  • Technovation

Research grants:

  • Intellectual Property Rights and Returns to Technology Investment
  • Statistical Modelling of Interdependence in Economics
  • The Changing Nature of Internationalisation of Innovation in Europe (GLOBIN)
  • Emotional Entrepreneurs: An Exploratory Study of Small-Scale Theatre Company Founders

What we do

Present research concerns:

Current research on ‘Entrepreneurship, Innovation,  Internationalisation, Firm strategy and State policy’ include the study of:

  • Patents and publications
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Patenting and licensing
  • Gender and entrepreneurship
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate governance
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Business ethics
  • Internationalisation of SMEs
  • Business, Technology, Innovation,  Internationalisation strategies

Sectors: Manufacturing, health, Air transport,

Specific Technologies: Biotech Nanotech

Regions: Europe, Emerging countries, Transition economies, Least  developed countries


ISBE RAKE Funded Research on “Emotional Entrepreneurs: Supporting Small-Scale Theatre Companies through the development of entrepreneurial skills” by Professor Keith Dickson and Professor Ruth Simpson

Against a high failure rate (approximately 90%) of small scale theatre companies (SSTC’s), research at Brunel has shown that isolation, poor commercial awareness and lack of sector specific knowledge that make up a professional identity are key challenges faced by SSTC founders in their struggles to survive. The research has led to: 1) the setting up of Creative Producer’s Collective, a producer led network managed by Camden Theatres and supported by Camden Council (www.camdentheatres.com); 2) the creation of Theatrelab, a network that shares resources and skills of producers, writers, directors and actors; 3) Performing Arts training outside Brunel that incorporates commercial skills and sector specific knowledge into undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

ESRC Research on “Patent Protection in the UK” by Professor Suma Athreye

Working together with the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and Professor Ashish Arora from Duke University, this research aim to gather evidence on the role of patent protection in the UK economy, the use of patents by firms and on the strategies being used by firms to manage their IP and circumvent the problems caused by overlapping patent rights or ‘patent tickets’. This research bring new academic thinking on related issues and make a valuable input in IPOs training programmes to raise awareness in small and medium firms and can also inform IP policy in the UK. 

Research on “FDI Inflows into Ghana” by Dr Frederick Mmieh

This research addressed the issue of developing countries’ strategies to fill the gaps between development, foreign exchange and investment. Finding of the research were discussed in the Public Information Centre and Development Dialogue (PICDD), which is a forum where government, development thinkers, practitioners, beneficiaries, civil society and other stakeholders engage in regular dialogues over critical issues and development challenges in Ghana in a series of development dialogues pioneered by the World Bank. The recommendations of the research were incorporated in the policy in Ghana.  

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