Centre for Research in Marketing

The Centre for Research in Marketing (CREAM) is directed by Professor John M.T. Balmer. The centre is the focus for Brunel University Business School's research and scholarship in marketing and includes eleven faculty members and around 20  PhD scholars. This lively, hard-working, and collegial group of research-active scholars is involved in  a variety of research projects and scholarly initiatives.

Whilst international by background, it is a group –very much the English University research tradition – which "punches above its weight". The centre's mission is to develop, facilitate and celebrate the marketing group's research, scholarship and published scholarly output. The vision of Professor John M.T. Balmer, Director of CREAM, is for the centre's marketing research to be of international standing: research which aims to have  a strong theoretical, instrumental, as well as societal utility.  In short,   research which strives to "marry the cerebral with the practical”.  The aforementioned is in accordance with the corporate brand ethos of Brunel University London and, moreover, is a tradition which materially draws on many of the diverse precepts of the almost one thousand years old English University tradition. Our research and scholarship materially influences our teaching: the pioneering MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management is a case in point.

Marketing faculty enjoy an unparalleled international research profile especially in the fields of corporate marketing, corporate brand/corporate heritage management. They also are known for  their scholarship in  ethical corporate marketing, history of branding and corporate communications, services marketing management, cultural marketing and international marketing etc. Faculty  are active as guest editors of leading journals; as prominent conference organisers; and as productive authors of articles published in leading academic journals viz: California Management Review, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Brand Management, International Studies of Management and Organizations, Journal of General Management, Long Range Planning and The British Journal of Management.

The Director organises a number of research-related events each academic year. This includes the well-established two day marketing research retreat held every year in Brighton. PhD workshops and research seminars are also organised. In recent years, prominent North American marketing scholars have delivered research master classes including: Professor Sen (City University, New York), Professor Kumar (George State University) and Professor Abratt (Nova Southeastern University).

Visiting Professor Stephen A. Greyser (Harvard Business School) is a member of the research group and regularly participates in the centre’s research workshops.

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