Centre for Research in Marketing

The Centre for Research in Marketing (CREAM) is directed by Professor John M.T. Balmer. The centre is the focus for the business  school's marketing research community of around 20 PhD scholars and seven marketing faculty (including Visiting Professor Stephen A. Greyser of Harvard Business School). This lively, hard-working, and collegial group of scholars is active on a variety of research projects and scholarly initiatives. It is a group that, very much in the English University research tradition, "punches above its weight".

The centre's mission is to develop, facilitate and celebrate the marketing group's research, scholarship and published scholarly output. The vision of Professor John M.T. Balmer, director of CREAM, is that the centre's marketing research should be of international standing: research that should make a strong theoretical contribution and research that should, in addition, strive to "marry the cerebral with the practical”. As such, the centre seeks to produce research – especially ground-breaking pioneering research - that not only advances knowledge but, in addition, has a wide institutional and societal utility.  The latter is in accordance with the corporate brand ethos of Brunel University London (and Brunel the man). It is a tradition which materially draws on many of the diverse precepts of the almost one thousand years old British University tradition.  The group are proud custodians of this unique provenance.

Our research also meaningfully informs our teaching: the MSc in Corporate Brand Management being a case in point.

Marketing faculty enjoy an unparalleled research profile international in the fields of corporate marketing, corporate identity, and corporate brand management. In addition, our marketing scholars are also known for their scholarship and published output relating to, B-B marketing, CSR/ethical marketing, corporate heritage brands and identity and international marketing among other areas. Marketing faculty publish their work in leading academic journals including California Management Review, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of World Business, International Studies of Management and Organizations, Journal of General Management, Long Range Planning and The British Journal of Management.

Marketing faculty are active as guest editors of special editions of leading international journals and many serve as members of editorial boards of top marketing journals.

Recent symposia organised by faculty members at Brunel Business School have focussed on corporate heritage brands and identities, the corporate brand management of business schools and on B-B marketing.  Key-note presentations at these events have been given by  C.E.O.s, senior consultants, the Editor in Chief of The Economist along with many leading academics from North America, Continental Europe, and the Commonwealth etc.

Page last updated: Tuesday 12 August 2014