One Day PhD Workshop For Marketing PhD Students

Published: Thursday 18 April 2013

Professor Balmer, Director of the Marketing Research Group, organised a one-day work shop for the marketing group's PhD community. Eight PhD students and seven members of marketing faculty were present.  Mario Burghausen, Rudaiana Mahmoud, and Anisah Hambali delivered presentations on their PhD research.  Two presentations were given by marketing faculty. Professor Balmer spoke to to theme: "What is a PhD and what examiners expect from a PhD-a personal perspective." In his presentation he detailed the historiagraphy of the doctorate in England and noted that the PhD is a recent invention-imported from Germany. He also explained how a PhD is a 'baby' doctorate in that, traditionally-in the English tradition, doctorates were of a higher magnitude. He detailed, the requirements for higher doctorates. Dr Dorothy Yen spoke on the theme; "Getting published in the Journal of General Management: Insights and Recommendations". She explained how the merits and foci of this well-established journal and a discussion followed regarding the merits of 2* journals whilst emphasising the importance of aiming for 3* and 4* journals. Professor Stephen A Greyser, Visiting Professor of Corporate Communciations from Harvard Business School was present for this workshop.

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