Information Systems Evaluation and integration group

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Information Systems Evaluation and Integration (ISEing) is a research centre of excellence that supports a number of research grants worth of more than 3.5 million euros. The research grants are funded by national, EU and other international research funders in the area of electronic government, energy management in future cities, sustainable maritime logistics, policy modeling and simulation, social innovation, sustainable food supply chain and long life learning among others. It has wide research network within EU and other regions of the globe including BT Group, Cambridge County Council (UK), Fraunhofer,(Germany), Telefonica (Spain), Commune de Torino, ENEL (Italy), Ankara Development Agency, and ARKAS Holdings (Turkey) among others. The outcomes of the studies conducted by ISEing members are widely used by stakeholders to improve their business performance.

In the pages to follow you can read about our researchers, government and industry grants, events (including international conferences and national workshops), news and last but not least you can contact us in order to explore our collaborative dynamics.

Page last updated: Tuesday 06 October 2015