Marketing and Corporate Brand Management Research Group (MCBM)

Professor John M.T.Balmer is Director of the research group who is widely regarded as a world-renowned expert in corporate branding, corporate marketing, corporate identity and corporate heritage. Pioneering rsearch within the MCBM group includes international research into corporate heritage identity and branding (John M.T. Balmer and Dr Weifeng Chen) – an underexplored concept that has potential to offer powerful symbolic and cultural value in a global, commercial context that is increasingly disengaged from the past. Recent publications on the above have appeared in European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Business Research. Mid-career researchers include Dr Dorothy Yen,who is addressing the influence of guanxi for corporate identity and performance in China – work that has already led to two internationally recognised journal articles, andDr Michael Heller whose scholarship, published in international journals, focusses on marketing history. Notably Dr Michael Heller was recently awarded a Leverhulme research award. Early career researchers include Sharifah Alwi,whose work focusses oninternal corporate branding and reputation (articles published in the European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Business Research), Other members of the group, Dr GeraldineCohen, Dr Bidit Dey, Dr Khanyapuss Punjaisri, and Dr Cagri Yalkin,are also developing solid research profiles in marketing – many in the corporate brand/marketing fields.

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