Biomedical Engineering


The innovative research of the Institute does lead to new solutions.  Many of the ideas are demonstrated as new prototype devices and in practice.  Outputs are surgical tools, implantable devices and sensing systems.


Modelling and simulation is used to diagnose and interpret diagnosis data, predict bioprocesses, judge the impact of therapies and to optimise the design of medical devices and tools.

Assistive Technology

We design products integrating relevant new technology that thoughtfully focus on the needs of users to live better lives.  This can help the way  patients are treated with better diagnostic methods or ways of helping people live with chronic conditions.

Current work includes developing products, defined by user groups, to help overcome the challenge of continence management. BIB staff work directly with users and with other Universities, to bring together the necessary skills and develop appropriate and acceptable products. We specialise in multidisciplinary consortia brought together to solve real world problems.

Page last updated: Monday 31 October 2011