The Advanced Bioprocessing Centre

The Advanced Bioprocessing Centre (ABC) aims to focus BIB’s research on bioprocessing, establishing it as an international centre of excellence and the first point of contact for both academia and industry when facing challenging separation problems.

Goals & Objectives

1) to establish the Advanced Bioprocessing Centre (ABC) as an international centre of excellence in downstream processing and in particular, liquid-liquid dynamic extraction technology; 2) to pursue research into separation & purification techniques and associated instrument design/operation, to ensure further improvements are made in the speed, through-put, economy, resolution and efficiency of downstream processing; 3) to pursue research into linking upstream and downstream processes; 4) to perform collaborative research with industry on new separation technology and processes and 5) to work in partnership with Dynamic Extractions Ltd (a Brunel University spinout company) to promote dynamic extractions technology as the technology of choice for a wide range of applications


Page last updated: Friday 20 January 2012