Postgraduate Studies

LukaszBIB staff members are committed to provide excellent training to the young generation of researchers and professionals coming through its ranks. Currently BIB has about 10 PhD students and sees a continuous stream of students undertaking their projects at master's level at the Institute. Our diverse student body appears evenly distributed in our key research areas of biomedical and bioprocess engineering. The students may conduct their research either directly at the Institute or in affiliated institutions such as the nearby Hillingdon Hospital or at times in associated companies (e.g. pharmaceutical companies), and may conduct their research in either full-time or part-time mode depending on their individual circumstances. For a number of years now the Institute has been enriched by the presence of our Erasmus students which may join us via Brunel International as part of their home studies or come on work placements via various European Universities. Due to our active teaching involvement in the Biomedical MSc, run through the affiliated School of Engineering and Design, we had recently a number of course students carrying out their dissertation studies within BIB. Of late we have taken on our first MPhil student and in the academic year 2014/2015 the Institute is set to expand its profile with a new MRes course.

For further information, please contact BIB's Director of Graduate Studies Dr Carola König.

 Graduation 2012 BIB Students

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