Vision, Mission and Approach

Our Vision


BIC is in communications with industry and academia both in the UK and notably across Europe in an effort to conduct research and development projects for advanced process/product development and achieving science in excellence.

BIC has several initiatives that span across the national and international platforms such as TSB, EPSRC and FP7 and is building a strong portfolio of projects in line with this multinational interdisciplinary vision.

BIC will also seek to leverage funding from sources such as the Research Councils and the Knowledge Transfer Partnership schemes.

Our Mission: Innovation to Commercialisation

Vision, Mission & Approach 

BIC can engage from the seminal stage of an idea to innovate and materialise towards potential commercialisation of products. We can further develop an existing concept through innovative R&D and help industrialise it through collaboration.

Our Approach

BIC’s structure enables to approach problems with a diverse and innovative mind-set to provide solutions and engineer designs for novel products.

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