Brunel Institute for Contemporary Middle Eastern Music

The Brunel Institute for Contemporary Middle Eastern Music, the first of its kind in the world, is both a resource centre, containing a library of scores, manuscripts and recordings, and a comprehensive and up to date database of Middle Eastern composers and musicians, and also a research centre, organising international conferences, performances and academic exchanges.

The Institute aims to assist composers from across the region in their search for greater international recognition, and also to demonstrate the wide geographical spread of interest in contemporary composition. The Institute’s website will make it easy for concert promoters across the world to discover a string quartet or work for oud and chamber orchestra, or for any other instrumentation from any specific Middle Eastern country which they might wish to programme in their concert series. The Institute will also investigate the diverse compositional opportunities offered by the combination of traditional and contemporary instruments, by the combination of notated and un-notated/improvised music, and by the general cross-fertilization of Western and Middle Eastern music traditions.

Page last updated: Sunday 20 May 2012