Search under a composer’s name within the library to find what scores and recordings are held. The library offers the opportunity to peruse scores and listen to recordings for visitors to Brunel University.


Fouad Fakhouri

  • Pour Un Roi (strings & 2 horns) - Score & Parts
  • Cello Concerto - Score
  • Gargoyle for Orchestra - Score

Füsun Köksal

  • Wind Quintet – Score
  • Nocturnal (fl, vln, vlc, pno) – Score 7 Parts

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M Abdel Karim

  • Tango for Bazouq and orchestra

Mahir Çetiz

  • Four Visions
  • In trace of the memories lost in the infinity of time
  • Tryptich
  • Mist Bells
  • Left

Mohamed Saad Basha

  • Sabrine
  • El-Nahhasseen
  • El-Sabr Gameel
  • Eskinderiyah
  • Gana El-Farh
  • Entizar
  • Exhaustion

Mohammed Othman Sidiq

  • Ney Concerto
  • Melody

Mounir Anastas

  • Colloque Sentimental
  • Né du Néant
  • Les Cinq Sens
  • Les Voyages de Jules Verne
  • Les Routes de L’Olivier
  • Némesis
  • Sentence Funèbre
  • Le verbe sequester
  • The Chameleon
  • Gliss en Do
  • Bis en Ré
  • Break Down the Walls
  • La Mort Du Temps
  • Maqam

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The library of scores, manuscripts and recordings is housed in Special Collections found in the Brunel Library. Access is by appointment only – arrange access to the collections.

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