Search under a composer’s name within the library to find what scores and recordings are held. The library offers the opportunity to peruse scores and listen to recordings for visitors to Brunel University.


Halim El-Dabh

  • Belly Dance Classic (percussion & cello) – Score
  • Two Minute Trio (violin, viola, cello) – Score
  • It is Dark and damp on the Front (piano solo) – Score
  • Announcing a Newborn (solo voice) - Score
  • Mekta in the art of Kita (piano solo) – Part
  • Aria for Strings (str. Orch.) – Score

Hasan Uçarsu

  • Monolog (fl, cl, vln, vlc, pno, perc) – Score & Parts
  • On the Backstreets of the old Istanbul ( vln, vlc, cl, hp, perc, kanun) – Score & Parts
  • Mystic Fragments (mezzo soprano, vla, cl, perc) – Score
  • Folk Song (vlc, pno) – Parts
  • No Times (pinao trio) – Parts

Hassan Taha

  • String Quartet - Parts
  • Folk Dance - Score
  • Samaii Chromatic (cl, hn, Lute, pno & cello) - Score
  • Mowachach Without Words (orchestral) - Score
  • 3 Pieces for clarinet & cello - Score
  • For Horn (horn & piano) - Score
  • Dance (orchrestra) - Score
  • Two Pieces for Violin - Solo Part

Hiba Al Kawas

  • Moments in Crakow (orchestra) - Score
  • Aspiration (string orchestra) - Score
  • Pleusis No 1 (orchestra) - Score
  • Ode to Peace (voice & orchestra) - Score
  • Li Anni Ahiya (voice & orchestra) - Score
  • Araftu Beirut (voice & orchestra) - Score
  • Baina Nahrain (orchestra) – Score

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The library of scores, manuscripts and recordings is housed in Special Collections found in the Brunel Library. Access is by appointment only – arrange access to the collections.

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