Search under a composer’s name within the library to find what scores and recordings are held. The library offers the opportunity to peruse scores and listen to recordings for visitors to Brunel University.


Patrick Lama

  • Opera Kanaan  - Score
  • Terre de l’etrangère (baritone & ensemble) - Score & Parts
  • Two Songs (Mahmoud Darwsish) - Score

Patrik Bishay

  • Fragmentations (fl;, cl, vln, vlc, pno) – Score & Parts
  • Lypse 1 & 2 (chamber ensemble) - Score
  • String Quartet No 2 - Score
  • Groupings (clarinet, cello, percussion & violin) - Score
  • Symphony No 3 - Score
  • SynAESTHEsia InSANEtasia (orchestra) - Score
  • Montsegur (orchestra)- Score

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Rahim Al Haj

  • Oud recital
  • OAK (Oud & Orch)
  • String Quartet

Ramz Sabry Samy

  • Beats and Modes
  • Rotated Cycles
  • Clear Vision
  • Transormations
  • Trio no 2
  • Verses from a Strangled Peom
  • 4 Pieces from Akhenaten’s Last Papyruses
  • 3 Pieces from Areeg
  • Concertino and Sonatina

Rena Gely

  • Mouse’s Tales from Alice in Wonderland
  • Sketches fort a Ballet
  • Dialog mit Mugam
  • Vocal cycle The Golden Century of Love
  • Ennos Grinbs

Riad Abdel-Gawad

  • Afr
  • Taqasseem
  • Funeral Ceremony at the Pyramid Mankara
  • Qibla

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The library of scores, manuscripts and recordings is housed in Special Collections found in the Brunel Library. Access is by appointment only – arrange access to the collections.

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