Search under a composer’s name within the library to find what scores and recordings are held. The library offers the opportunity to peruse scores and listen to recordings for visitors to Brunel University.


Rahim Al Haj

  • Oak/Warm Voice/Chant - Score & Parts
  • The Second Baghdad - Score & Parts

Ramz Sabry Samy

  • One in Bits and pieces (fl, cl, vln, vlc, pno) – Score & Parts
  • Trio No 2 (piano trio) - Score
  • Gregorianische Gesänge (chamber ensemble) - Score
  • Transformations String Quartet No 3 - Score
  • Clear Vision (2 flutes) - Score
  • Beats and Moods (orchestra) - Score
  • Bird of Paradise (chamber ensemble) - Score
  • Over There (horn, piano & chamber orchestra) - Score
  • Concertino & Sonatina (cello & small ensemble) - Score
  • Verses from as Strangled Poem (string orchestra) - Score
  • Rotated Cycles (small ensemble) - Score
  • Searching for the Real Light (quarter tone piano) – Score
  • Kyrie Eleison (Capella Choir) – Score
  • Between Sword and Love (Str. Quartet) – Score & Parts

Rena Gely

  • Mouse’s Tale - Score

Riad Abdel-Gawad

  • Longa Nahawand/Qeblah/Delta/Alchemy (violin/viola) - Parts
  • Excerpts from “...fii waan...” - Score
  • Al Kimiya - alchimie – alchemy - Score
  • Taqaseem (chamber orchestra) - Score

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The library of scores, manuscripts and recordings is housed in Special Collections found in the Brunel Library. Access is by appointment only – arrange access to the collections.

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