Benefit concert to "Save the Amman Symphony Orchestra"

Wednesday 18 April 2012
Event type General Event

If the Amman Symphony Orchestra (ASO) does not secure additional funding to make up a 300,000 JOD shortfall resulting from a loss of public funding this year, it will have to disband completely after the last performance in July 2012, which marks the end of the concert season 2011-2012. The Amman Arab Music Ensemble (AAME) will also be closed down.

Tonight's benefit concert is put on by the newly formed "Friends of Amman Symphony Orchestra" which has organized a fund raising campaign to try to keep the ASO and the AAME operating.

Music lovers are encouraged to do their part to keep the Kingdom's only professional symphony orchestra alive by joining the "Friends of Amman Symphony Orchestra" for only 20 JODs. This will entitle members to receive timely updates about ASO and AAME performances and invitations to private house concerts.

The other way to help the ASO and the AAME survive is to make a donation to the orchestra. Just visit visit the King Hussein Foundation website at: and click on "Donate" and "Donate Online". You can also sign a petition to "Save the Amman Symphony Orchestra" by visiting:

Your contribution will help both the ASO and the AAME survive, protecting the livelihood of about 99, as well as, the future of the music industry in Jordan.

The National Music Conservatory has been developing Jordan musicians for more than 25 years…leading to the formation of the ASO and the AAME back in 2006. The ASO performed its first concert in January of 2007.

The ASO and the AAME provide Jordanians with the opportunity to experience classical and traditional music through the works of great composers, visiting conductors, and soloists. The loss of this cultural icon in Jordan would leave the Kingdom without a professional symphony orchestra, impacting its appeal as a cultural destination for tourists and as an economic hub for businesses growth.

The ASO performs live concerts for the public on the third Wednesday of every month. In addition the AAME performs live concerts for the public on the third Monday of every month. However, both performing ensembles and other smaller ones emanating from the two give concerts and recitals at different times throughout the year in order to maintain Jordan's rich heritage of traditional Arabic music and strive for quality western music.

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