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Mr Tony Cole
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Brunel Centre to undertake arbitration study for European Parliament - 05 Dec 2013

A team from the Brunel Centre for the Study of Arbitration and Cross-Border Investment, led by Tony Cole, has been selected by the European Parliament to undertake the study "Legal Instruments and Practice of Arbitration in the EU".

Seminar on Bilateral Investment Treaties and Foreign Direct Investment - 22 Oct 2013

Tony Cole is lead organiser and lead moderator for a two-week seminar on Bilateral Investment Treaties and Foreign Direct Investment, occurring on the OGEMID email discussion group.

Tony Cole publishes "The Structure of Investment Arbitration" - 28 Jun 2013

Tony Cole has published "The Structure of Investment Arbitration" with Routledge. This new monograph provides an in-depth analysis of selected issues of controversy within investment arbitration, demonstrating how they can be solved through attention to the structures inherent within investment law and investment arbitration.

Tony Cole provides guidance via Tradelab on settlement of ICSID disputes - 17 Jun 2013

Tony Cole has answered a question on "'Out of Court' Settlements under ICSID" on the Tradelab website. Both the question and answer are available at the following address:

Tony Cole organises conference on The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration - 13 Jun 2013

On May 22-24, Brunel Law School hosted a multidisciplinary conference on The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration, organised by Tony Cole. Presentations were made by leading academics in psychology, arbitration, mediation and statistics, as well as by leading practitioners.



Tony specialises in international arbitration and international investment law, but also works in issues in public international law, the history of legal theory, and comparative law. Tony is the author of The Structure of Investment Arbitration (Routledge 2013) and International Arbitration: The Practice and the Theory (Routledge 2016) (with Pietro Ortolano), and is editor of The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration (Kluwer 2015). He has also published in a number of leading international journals, including the Michigan Journal of International Law, the Journal of Political Philosophy, the Leiden Journal of International Law, the Louisiana Law Review, and the New York Journal of International Law and Politics.

From November 2013-December 2014 Tony was Primary Investigator on a €278,191 study for the European Parliament on the law and practice of arbitration across the European Union and Switzerland, intended by the Parliament to inform upcoming legislative and non-legislative work in the field of arbitration. The study address not only both international and domestic commercial arbitration, but also consumer arbitration and online arbitration. In addition, the study also addressed investment arbitration and the involvement of the European Union and its Member States in all forms of arbitration. The Study also included the largest ever empirical study of arbitration practitioners, involving over 900 participants from every Member State of the European Union and Switzerland.

In 2013 Tony organised a three-day inter-disciplinary conference on The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration, and is currently collaborating with participants from that conference in the both the publication of a book and further work on the interactions of psychology and arbitration.

Tony was nominated for a Brunel Student-Led Teaching Award in 2012 and 2014, and as Personal Tutor of the Year in 2012. In 2014 he was nominated for the LawCareers.Net Law Lecturer of the Year award.

Prior to coming to coming to Brunel Tony taught from 2007-2011 at the University of Warwick, following working as an Associate in the litigation department and the international commercial arbitration group at White & Case in New York. He received his J.D. from the University of Michigan, where he served as an editor of the Michigan Journal of International Law. He also studied law as a visiting student at the European University Institute. While at Michigan Tony spent one summer as a Peggy Browning Fund fellow, practising union-side labour law at the Chicago Newspaper Guild. Prior to entering law school he studied philosophy as a Presidential Fellow at the University of Virginia, teaching at both the Virginia Military Institute and the University of Virginia. He received his undergraduate degree from St. John's College (MD).

Tony would welcome inquiries from potential research students interested in writing on international arbitration, international investment law, or dispute resolution more broadly.

Student Support

Tony serves as the Law School's Legal Skills Tutor and Induction Programme Leader. He is also Convenor of the Arbitration LLB Programme - Extra Activities, 2014, and is the coach of Brunel’s Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Team.

Teaching and Research


Contract Law
International Commercial Arbitration
International Labour Law
International Law
Public International Law
International Trade Mark Practice Management International Patents Practice Management

Research Interests

Social structures of arbitration in Europe

Theoretical foundations of international investment law and international investment arbitration

Psychology and Dispute Resolution (especially arbitration)

Determinants of Foreign Investment

Legal History (Arbitration, International Investment, Jurisprudence)

Comparative Law

PhD Research Supervised

Onyema Onyeani, Full Protection and Security of Foreign Investments in Developing States: Nigeria as a Case Study (ongoing)

Siavash Rad, Legal Obstacles to Foreign Investment in Emerging Market States (ongoing)

Tecle Hagos Bahta, The Role of Domestic Law in International Investment Arbitration, ongoing (part of University of Warwick Ethiopia programme) [expected completion 2014]

Yazan Haddadin, International Arbitration in the Middle East [successfully completed 2012]

Rao Hashim, The Role of International Economic Institutions in Bringing the Economic Cycle towards Stability, [successfully completed 2012]

Rumana Islam, “Fair and Equitable Treatment” and Developing Countries [Commonwealth Scholar; supervised while teaching at the University of Warwick; supervision ended when I left Warwick]

Rami Hindieh, International Investment Law and State Contracts [supervised while teaching at the University of Warwick; supervision ended when I left Warwick]

Joy Ogaji, The Viability of Mediation in the Resolution of the Niger Delta Resource Control Conflict [supervised while teaching at the University of Warwick; supervision ended when I left Warwick]

Research Areas

Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution
Comparative law
International economic law
Public international law

Research Groups

CIPL Centre for International and Public Law
BCSACBI Brunel Centre for the Study of Arbitration and Cross-Border Investment

PhD Supervision

International investment law
International arbitration
Dispute resolution

External Activities

External Activities

Editorial Boards

Associate Editorial Board, Transnational Dispute Management

External Examiner Appointments

King's College London, The Dickson Pool School of Law, “Confidentiality in Arbitration: The Case of Egypt”, 2014

Journal Peer Reviewing

Journal of International Dispute Settlement

Leiden Journal of International Law

Oxford Bibliographies Online

Political Studies

Book Proposal Reviewing

Oxford University Press

Palgrave Macmillan


Other Activities

Invited by the International Investment Agreements Section of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development to provide feedback on the draft version of the 2013 Investor-State Dispute Settlement Monitor

Certified TradeLab Professional on Tradelab (

Invited to join the Advisory Board of the Foreign Direct Investment International Moot Competition, 2013-2016

Invited to Chair the Drafting Committee of the Foreign Direct Investment International Moot Competition 2012

Symposia and Workshops Organized

A series of four online symposia on issues relating to the impacts of international investment arbitration on State governance and human rights [being hosted on OGEMID from 2013-2015, each seminar taking place over two weeks, with eight contributors] [lead organiser and moderator]

“The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration” (a three-day conference exploring the insights that psychology can provide on international arbitration; co-funded by Brunel University, Transnational Dispute Management and Brunel Law School):

Online Symposium on Abaclat and Others (Case formerly known as Giovanna a Beccara and Others) v. Argentine Republic, ICSID Case No. ARB/07/5, July 2012 [in cooperation with Julian Mortenson, organised and moderated two week symposium on OGEMID]

Online Symposium on Spyridon Roussalis v. Romania, ICSID Case No. ARB/06/1, January 2012 [organised and moderated week-long symposium on OGEMID]

The Role of Social Norms in Building a Low Carbon Society (in cooperation with Kai Spiekermann and Dan Priel), July 2009 [one-day workshop]

Diversity or Cacophony: New Sources of Norms in International Law, March 19-20, 2004, University of Michigan Law School [two day conference]

Invited Presentations of Research

Workshop: “Towards a Theory of Arbitration: A Decentering Approach to Globalization”, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, June 2014

Conference: “International Arbitration: The Role of Law”, Stockholm, Sweden, Thursday, May 2014

Conference: “FT MIGA Summit: Managing Global Political Risk: Old Risks, New Moment”, London, UK, December 2011

Conference: “The Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment of Substantive Rights”, Association for International Arbitration, Brussels, Belgium, October 2010

Presentation of “Most-Favoured Nation Treatment in International Investment Law”, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA, March 2010

Presentation of “Justice in the Diffusion of Innovation” (with Allen Buchanan & Robert Keohane), Yale University, New Haven, USA, March 2010

Conference: “Investment Treaty Arbitration: Evolution and Revolution in Substance and Procedure”, Sydney Law School, Australia, February 2010


Journal Papers

(2012)  Cole, T. , The boundaries of Most Favored Nation treatment in international investment law, Michigan Journal of International Law 33 (3)  : 537- 586 Download publication

(2011)  Buchanan, A. , Cole, T.  and Keohane, RO. , Justice in the Diffusion of Innovation, Journal of Political Philosophy 19 (3)  : 306- 332

(2011)  Cole, T.  and Vaksha, AK. , Power-Conferring Treaties: The Meaning of 'Investment' in the ICSID Convention, LEIDEN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 24 (2)  : 305- 330 Download publication

(2010)  Cole, T. , Authority and contemporary international arbitration, Louisiana Law Review: promoting legal scholarship in the community 70 (3)  : 801- 857 Download publication

(2007)  Cole, A. , Commercial Arbitration in Japan: Contributions to the Debate on Japanese 'Non-Litigiousness', New York University Journal of International Law and Politics 40 29-

(2005)  Cole, A. , The Committee of the Regions and Subnational Representation to the European Union, Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 49-

(2003)  Cole, A. , Labor Standards and the Generalized System of Preferences: The European Labor Incentives, Michigan Journal of International Law 25 179-

(2003)  Cole, A. , Scalia and the Institutional Approach to Law, University of Toledo Law Review 34 559-

(2003)  Cole, A. , The Parol Evidence Rule: A Comparative Analysis and Proposal, University of New South Wales Law Journal 26 (3)  : 680-


(2012)  Cole, A. , The Structure of Investment Arbitration. 

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