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Marketing and Corporate Brand Management Research Group (MCBM) | Brunel Business School

Professor John Balmer

Dr Weifeng Chen
Dr Dorothy Yen
Dr Michael Heller
Dr Sharifah Alwi
Dr Geraldine Cohen
Dr Bidit Dey
Dr Khanyapuss Punjaisri
Dr Cagri Yalkin 

About the group

Professor John Balmer is regarded, the world over, an expert in corporate branding, marketing, identity & heritage.

Pioneering research within the group includes international research into corporate heritage identity and branding, by Balmer and Dr Weifeng Chen. This concept has the potential to give a lot of symbolic and cultural value to a global, commercial context that is disengaging more and more from the past.Recent publications on these topics have appeared in the European Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Business Research.

Dr Dorothy Yen is in the middle of her career. She is addressing the influence of guanxi on corporate identity and performance in China. This work that has led to two articles in journals of international renown.

Dr Michael Heller is also in the middle of his career, and has been given a Leverlhulme research award. His scholarship focusses on marketing history, and has been published in international journals.

Dr Sharifah Alwi is in the early stages of her career. Her work focusses on internal corporate branding and reputation. Her articles have been published in the European Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Business Research).

Doctors Geraldine Cohen, Bidit Dey, Khanyapuss Punjaisri, and Cagri Yalkin, are also in the early stages of their careers. They are developing solid research profiles in marketing, many in the corporate brand & marketing fields.