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Operations and Information Systems Management Research Group (OISM) | Brunel Business School

Dr Habin Lee
Professor Zahir Irani

Professor Ray Hackney
Professor Amir Sharif
Professor David Gallear
Professor Ashley Braganza
Professor Vishanth Weerakkody 

About the group

The Operations and Information Systems Management Research Group (OISM) is based on knowledge and resources from former groups Openly Accessible Services and Interacting Society (OASIS) - led by Amir Sharif and David Gallea - and Information Systems Evaluation and Integration Group (ISEing) - led by Habin Lee and Ray Hackney.

OISM aims to be a leading research group, specialising in responsible and sustainable operation management. This includes exploring information systems, operations research, management science, and general and strategic management knowledge, using approaches across public and private industry sectors.

The group supports a number of research grants worth around €3million in total. These are funded by national, European Union (EU) and other international research funders.

Research areas include, among others:

  • electronic government
  • energy management in future smart cities
  • sustainable maritime logistics
  • policy modelling and simulation
  • social innovation
  • big data analytics and co-creation
  • sustainable food supply chains
  • lifelong learning

The group has a wide research network of over 50 institutes, within the EU and over the globe including:

  • the BT Group
  • Cambridge County Council (UK)
  • Fraunhofer (Germany)
  • Telefonica  (Spain)
  • OTE (Heleni Telecommunications Organization) (Greece)
  • Commune de Torino (Italy)
  • ENEL (Italy)
  • Ankara Development Agency (Turkey)
  • ARKAS Holdings (Turkey)
  • the Danish Technology Institute.


The members of OISM currently have three journal editorships including:

  • Transforming Government, People, Process and Policy (edited by Zahir Irani),
  • Enterprise Information Management (edited by Zahir Irani)
  • International Journal of Electronic Government Research (edited by Vishanth Weerakkody)


Zahir Irani is working on green energy with DAREED, food supply chains with SAFE-Q, and sustainable maritime planning with CLOUD-VAS), worth €630,000in total.

Vishanth Weerakkody has research funding from the EU and Qatar on EMPATIA (€150k), SI-DRIVE (€400k) and LEARNER ($230k).

Habin Lee is conducting research grants (circa €1million) on data analytics for green maritime logistics (MINI-CHIP) and policy modelling and simulation (Policy Compass). These are funded by the EU.

Members of the group publish articles to high impact international journals, including (among others):

  • Management Science
  • International Journal of Operations
  • Production Management
  • European Journal of Operational Research
  • The Journal of MIS