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Co-Innovate BBS Collaborative Programme

Can Brunel Business School help you?

Co-Innovate is an innovation support programme whose goal is to foster collaboration between Brunel University’s world class academic expertise and SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs seeking business growth through innovation.

Brunel Business School have an international reputation for excellence in education and research and are a key part of the university’s Co-Innovate programme and as part of their Co-Innovate activities, are now offering companies the opportunity to work with a business school student to explore ways and means of addressing a company’s own innovation or growth opportunities. 

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We help you with new perspectives on your innovation challenge

Business School students at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, supervised by academics, work on collaborative projects that see companies provide real-world innovation challenges related to marketing, strategy, finance, or international business. Students can work either individually on a company’s brief or in teams if a project is suited to this.

Participating students will develop a working brief with the company and after framing a pragmatic project, work to produce a report for the client. This report, informed by key management theory and models, will result in a set of ideas for the participating company to freely exploit.

As a company how can I get involved?

Getting involved with Co-Innovate is straightforward, the starting point for the company is to develop a focused idea for a project around a specific innovation challenge. A member of the Co-Innovate team can help with this process if required.

Once a challenge is identified, if judged to be suitable by academics from the Business School, the process of matching student and project brief can begin. Once a good match of company, project and student is reached, work can start. Projects typically start in September and end in March. Throughout this period, students will meet with the sponsoring company to discuss progress etc. but work will always take place in the university. Projects will always be undertaken in confidence.

In the past projects have looked at a diverse range of issues including:

  • Exploring international market entry strategy for a B2B manufacturing business
  • Assessing the business case for new product development initiative in the renewable energy sector
  • Researching employee recruitment and retention policy development with a logistics business
  • Developing marketing and brand strategy for a cyber-security consultancy. 

Co-Innovate differs from traditional consultancy in that the underpinning principle is one of collaboration. Our goal is mutual benefit for all parties involved. We hope to generate both business and educational value in equal measure. We don’t charge for this activity but we do expect participating companies to fully support students by providing information when needed, attend regular progress meetings with students and so on. 

How to get started

We will start new projects this September so if you are interested in exploring how the Business School can help your company’s innovation and growth initiatives, simply contact Co-Innovate Innovation Director, Ian Ferris on: Ian.Ferris@Brunel.ac.uk