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Business Life programme at Brunel | Brunel Business School

Business Life at Brunel University London is a socially innovative and stakeholder led professional development programme.

It is designed to offer Brunel students professional and accredited qualifications, and essential employability skills. You have the opportunity to gain a portfolio of essentials skills and professional qualifications to help you on your career development journey. 

We are proud of this programme being able to make a real difference to the lives of our students and preparing you for future graduate level employment. Business Life equips more than 200 students annually with skills that are not only in demand in the workplace, but can be put into practice straightaway in a new professional role.

We aim to make you more confident in yourself, your choices and your employability prospects than any other graduate.

Key benefits of Business Life:

  • You gain practical experience to help you in your future career; improving your soft skills such as communication, team-working, leadership skills and time management
  • Access to career development, including coaching and mentoring and our guest speaker series
  • Networking opportunities with many different business professionals and the chance to build your professional contacts
  • Improve your technical skills and gain certificates and professional qualifications from high quality training courses and workshops
  • A work experience programme, including international tours and summer exchange programme
  • Lifelong continous professional development
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