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New routes to funding

Industrial Review Evening

Under the funded Co-Innovate programme we are offering London based SMEs, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs the opportunity to attend these sessions for free. You will need to complete at least two of the four offered courses (you can mix and match according to interest area/business focus) and register with our Co-Innovate programme.

Check if you are eligible:

  • You are a Small to Medium Enterprise / start-up / early stage entrepreneur
  • You are trading from a London borough

Part 2:

New routes to funding Wednesday 6th December, 9am to 3pm

By course leader Barry E. James, Founder/CEO, The Crowd Data Center / The Crowdfunding Center

Bringing advisers and mentors up to speed with today’s funding landscape - including the use of modern funding options to unlock new, and more traditional, funding sources for clients and their businesses.

To enable business mentors and advisers to provide best-advice by signposting both newer forms and sources of funding/finance - as well as how seed-crowdfunding can be used to unlock more traditional investment funding.

Seed and Investment Crowdfunding know-how: Placing each in context with other forms of crowd, alternative and traditional methods including bank/debt, equity and grant funding.

Including - illustrated by case studies:

  • What Crowdfunding is and is not
  • The different types of crowdfunding
  • Suitability: of each of the different types of crowdfunding to business stages and scenarios
  • including workable combinations for different scenarios
  • Selecting the platform
  • Setting the Goal / Financial and Other Targets
  • Clarity: The problem, the Messages, the Offering, the Pitch, the Video
  • Skills & Resource, Requirements & Expectations
  • Required for a successful crowdfunding campaign - seed or equity:
  • How to assess the help/consultancy and support services on offer