Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering (ECE)

Within ECE, Brunel has two principal laboratory facilities

  1. The Centre for Media Communications Research (CMCR) lab (Media Lab)
  2. The Broadcast Studio

CMCR Lab (Media Lab)

The CMCR (or Media) Lab. is a world class multimedia laboratory comprising state of the art equipment for capturing, processing, transmission and visualisation of 2D and 3D visual media information. Current research activities include audiovisual media processing, multimedia search and retrieval, networked multimedia systems and mixed/augmented reality technologies.

Broadcast Studio

The Broadcast TV Green Screen Studio supports both broadcast media and transmission research.

Media research facilities consist of Green Screen studio where the studio users can film their own real and virtual productions.  The virtual set is produced in a 50 seat 3D Studio Max laboratory, accompanying sound can be recorded in an audio studio and real audio-video captured with High Definition cameras and post-produced into a final artefact in the studio. 

Long-term aims of the laboratory are to capture and compose 3D media for television.

Transmission research facilities consist of a DVB-T/H transmission system with antennas broadcasting due east into West London on Channel 53 (730MHz).  Power amplifiers are supported by NGW / Arqiva.  The system has been used to measure the coverage area, power efficiency and channel capacities for DVB-T/H MIMO, MISO SIMO and SISO radio systems.  Long-term aims of the laboratory are to extend this facility to include the DVB-T2 broadcast and LTE cellular systems.


Professor John Cosmas
Wireless Networks and Communications Centre
Telephone +44 (0)1895 266756
Mobile +44 (0)7908 151859   

Professor Abdul H. Sadka, Director of CMCR
Telephone +44 (0) 1895 265886

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