Creative Writing & The Creative Industries

Module Code: EN3613
Module Leader: Max Kinnings


This module is intended to help you to develop an understanding of the process of preparing your work for the market; to extend your knowledge of the relationship between writers and the creative industries, and the market forces and trends which determine a writer’s success; and to develop your awareness of contemporary writing and of the response to work which is conceptually or thematically related to your own.

You are required to explore the process of getting a work published or performed, and operating as a writer within the creative industries. To this end you must devise a proposal for an agent, publisher or producer in the currently acceptable form. You must identify an agent, publishers or producers who are most suited to your chosen work and the ambitions you or your chosen writers has had it. You must become familiar with the creative industries through which writers reach their audience, show an understanding of the potential which your chosen work has and awareness of the ways in which that potential could be achieved. This process could apply to a novel, a volume of poetry, a collection of short stories, a play or a screenplay. In addition to this, you will actively seek to place and publish a small volume of your own work not related to your special project, will carefully track your approaches and will reflect on the success of your endeavour.

Core Texts


The Writer’s Handbook. (Macmillan)


Writers & Artists’ Yearbook. (Black).

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