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Special Issue on "Ageing and Fiction"

This issue collects selected papers from the "New Cultures of Ageing" Conference, hosted by Brunel University London on the 8 and 9 of April 2011. The conference was part of the Fiction and the Cultural Mediation of Ageing Project (FCMAP) that was led by a research team from Brunel consisting of Professor Philip Tew, Dr Nick Hubble and Dr Jago Morrison and ran from 1 May 2009 until 31 January 2012 in collaboration with Demos, the Mass Observation Archive (MOA) and the University of the Third Age (U3A). FCMAP was part of the New Dynamics of Ageing (NDA) programme. The topics covered in this issue include representations of ageing in literary texts by Zora Neale Hurston, Alice Walker, Sebastian Barry, Margaret Atwood and Philip Roth; "storying" Alzheimer’s disease; ageing in vampire fiction; ageing in the science fiction of Iain M Banks; and an article on the FCMAP project and the narrative understanding of ageing of U3A and MO participants.

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Special Issue on Caribbean Literature and Culture: "Opening Out the Way(s) to the Future" 

EnterText 9 Andrea Levy

Overview for the Special Issue

This special issue on Andrea Levy, the first of its kind, considers how the politics of place as well as the dislocations associated with empire, migration, and social transformation figure in the author’s work and shape her approach to narrative. The articles in this issue discuss Levy’s poetics of dislocation, representations of place and space, approaches to genre, inscriptions of trauma, gender politics, and relations to black British, Caribbean, and Black Atlantic writing. Two creative works, a short story and a personal memoir, written as response pieces to Levy’s oeuvre, round out the collection.

EnterText 8 Liminal London

This special issue collects essays, including a photo-essay, from the seventh annual Literary London conference, 'Liminal London: Country/City, Work/Leisure, Past/Future and States Between', held at Brunel in July 2008. Contributors are from around the world and the topics covered include Dr Barnardo, opium, suburbia, the London Underground, the Greenwich Meridian and a fifteenth century visit to London by Czech dignitaries.

EnterText 7.3 Open Issue

A wide range of essays and creative contributions, including the visual as well as the literary arts, makes up this collection. Poetry, prose and a photographic essay rub shoulders with essays on pedagogical matters, theory, plays, films, and other cultural products. Topics are from a number of different periods and traditions. Contributors are from many parts of the world, and one of the items is presented also in Chinese translation.

EnterText 7.2 - Human Rights, Human Wrongs
After opening with a speech by Nelson Mandela, the issue presents essays on some core questions of human rights, such as racial discrimination and the difficult concept of the "just war," and goes on to focus on gender and sexual orientation. Creative work includes texts and images addressing Australian, Palestinian, Canadian and Thai contexts which raise issues relevant everywhere. Translations into Arabic, French and German are available for some items.

EnterText 7.1 - The Black Atlantic Then and Now
This special issue commemorates the bicentenary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade in the British empire. It opens with images of artworks engaging with that painful history, and presents some archive material from 1826. Other items relating directly to that era include an essay on abolitionist verse. It goes on to present material about the wider Black Atlantic. As well as creative writing and translation, there are essays on Sierra Leone and Liberia, the West African Students' Union, Caribbean, African American, African Arab, and European literature.

EnterText 6.3 - Open Issue
This is a bumper issue, running to more than four hundred pages. It includes a wide range of thought-provoking essays and creative work from several continents: Asia, Australia, Africa, the Caribbean, America and Europe. Disciplines range from literature to philosophy, sociology to cultural history, with articles relating to periods from the early modern to the contemporary and covering subjects from comics to consumerism, representation to political responsibility. Creative contributions include poetry and painting, fiction and photography, some exploring concerns through parallel expression in different genres.

EnterText 6.2 - War and Society
A stimulating collection of essays spanning analysis of the war experience, of the grand politics of war and its individual narratives. There is a strong focus in many of the pieces on the transmission of these experiences and the way that meditation on the issues that war raises has an impact on readers, students and audiences.

EnterText 6.1 - Wuxia Fictions:
Chinese Martial Arts in Film, Literature and Beyond

The Wuxia (Chinese Martial Arts or 'Martial Chivalry') genre is examined across different media, focusing on film, literature and digital games. Topics include stardom, gender, a comparative study of the European knight and Chinese xia, wuxia narratives in online games, the kung fu films of Liu Jialiang, and 'Martial Arts' as a body of knowledge.

EnterText 5.3 - Open Issue
A wide-ranging collection of essays on subjects from political economy to history to cultural critique is combined with creative work in the form of poetry, autobiography and the novel. Literary topics range from ancient Chinese verse to digital poetry, and cover writers from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries to the present day. The issue includes translations from French Creole and Arabic.

EnterText 5.2 - Citing Cities
This issue ranges widely, including essays and creative work on the past and present of cities old and new, in North America and Australia, China and the Balkans, as well as Europe. It addresses film, literature and music, from “high” culture to popular culture.

EnterText 5.1 - Art and the Market
Academic essays covering the philosophical and practical implications of the theme of art and the market, focusing on the museum, film, television, and literature, are accompanied by examples of aesthetic practice in clay sculpture, poetry, architecture and photography.

EnterText 4.3

An open issue including analytical and creative texts, some fitting both categories, addressing topics encompassing philosophy, the media and cultural politics, in genres extending from the essay to poetry.

EnterText 4.3 Supplement

A special issue of selected papers from the "Shelving Translation" conference held at Oxford University in 2004. They examine the translated literary text as an intercultural site of complex, dynamic processes of selection, production and presentation between author, translator, publisher and bookseller.

EnterText 4.2 Africa: Myths and Realities

A stimulating collection of essays and creative writing engaging with diverse aspects of the African experience, including history, law and both written and oral literature.

EnterText 4.1 Animation

A combination of critical essays and reflections on practice exploring the complex and burgeoning area of Animation. Issues of representation, caricature, the 'post digital' image, and animation spectatorship are covered, as well as questions of national, regional and transnational animation movements. This special issue also includes critical and reflective work by practising animators.

EnterText 3.3 The EmLit Project

European minority literatures in translation

A new window onto the literature of Europe, this international collaborative project publishes writing in minority languages with all texts translated into the five most widespread European languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

It includes 19 minority languages, 33 writers, 48 short literary works, 240 translations, and audiofiles of 10 writers reading their work, plus a supplement.

This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community.

EnterText 3.2 Bridges / Drawbridges

Thought-provoking links between cultures, histories and ideas are contained in essays on topics from language to politics and from fashion to literature, interleaved with creative work. The Far East, South Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and North America are brought into new relationships.

EnterText 3.1 Renaissance Renegotiations

A collection of essays presenting the latest scholarship on the literature of the English Renaissance.

EnterText 2.3 Open Issue

A range of creative work engaging with the contemporary world with passion and wit is accompanied by essays on a range of topics including perceptions of the urban, the portrayal of sexualities, and American law.

EnterText 2.2 Translation, Transcreation

The latest theory and practice informs essays on postcolonial translation ranging as widely as the Caribbean, Ireland and ancient Rome. There is also a look at the predicament of South American regional languages, illustrated with pictures and sound. The issue includes stimulating creative translations relating to Polish, Norwegian, Chinese and medieval French, as well as introductions to Welsh metrical verse and the Asian poetic tradition of the ghazal.

EnterText 2.1 Proceedings of the British Braids conference

Papers from Brunel University's international conference in April 2001 on intercultural dynamics in the British Isles today.

EnterText 1.3 Open Issue

EnterText 1.2 Text < - > Screen

The interface between the written and the visual text has rarely been so busy or such a broad focus of critical interest. The journal's spring issue (June 2001) focuses on the relationship between film or television and the literary or historical text, and includes selected proceedings of the conference 'Hamlet on Screen,' staged jointly by The Globe Theatre and King's College London.

EnterText 1.1 Americas, Americans

"Very impressive" - Professor Thomas Healy

This applauded first volume includes work by David Dabydeen on a colonial intertext of Shakespeare's The Tempest, and a new poem by UK poet laureate Andrew Motion.

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