EnterText 1.3

Volume 1 number 3
Autumn 2001
Open Issue
edited by Paula Burnett

Date added Title Type File size
26 Aug 2011 Notes on Contributors 34.6 KB
26 Aug 2011 Inga Ravna Eira, Poems in Sami, with translations into Norwegian and English: "At Home;" "Those Who Have A State;" "Sami Women;" "The Gods" 29.1 KB
26 Aug 2011 Wieslaw Krajka, "Conrad's Polish Footprints:" A Tour in Words and Images 449.4 KB
26 Aug 2011 David Scott, Nikitin's Conversion in India to Islam: Wielhorski's Translation Dilemma 183.9 KB
26 Aug 2011 Ahdaf Soueif, The Map of Love, Chapter 8 - in English 41.8 KB
26 Aug 2011 Ahdaf Soueif, The Map of Love, Chapter 8: in English and in Arabic translation 780.9 KB
26 Aug 2011 Ahdaf Soueif, Talking about The Map of Love 65.5 KB
26 Aug 2011 Robert Miltner, Two Poems: "Forwarding Mail;" "The Orphan House" 7.1 KB
26 Aug 2011 Davis Schneiderman, "The Letter-Writing Kampaign," from DIS 40.3 KB
26 Aug 2011 Lynne Macedo, Auteur and Author: A Comparison of the Works of Alfred Hitchcock and V S Naipaul 64.0 KB
26 Aug 2011 Andy Weaver, Two Poems: "The Constant of the Universe;" "Dream" 20.6 KB
26 Aug 2011 Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, Two Poems: "Making Claims;" "Six Notes on Theory and Poetry" 11.8 KB
26 Aug 2011 Nick Redfern, "Leading them down the Garden Path:" Another Look at Hitchcock's Psycho 74.2 KB
26 Aug 2011 Saviana Stanescu, Poems in Romanian and English: "Dina-Gospodina"/ "Cookie the Cook;" "The Diary of a Clone;" "Mia-Maia and Tess the Poetess"/ "Mia-Miuta si Tesa-Poetesa" 53.5 KB
26 Aug 2011 Heather Nunn, Running Wild: Fictions of Gender and Childhood in Thatcher's Britain 134.7 KB
26 Aug 2011 Chris Moylan, Three Poems: "Sleep;" "After Clausewitz;" "Learn" 19.9 KB
26 Aug 2011 Introduction 31.9 KB

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