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Hamlet on Film seeks to enhance the critical edge of academic film criticsm by incorporating multi-media web technology to provide video "quotes". Most of the essays in 'Hamlet on Film' are accompanied by video clips which are indicated in the text. Due the large amount of data involved in downloading video clips, it is currently impossible to download video images quickly enough to enable an uninterrupted reading experience 'online'. We have arranged this special supplement on 'Hamlet on Film' in such a way as to maximise the reader experience.

The suggested method of reading 'Hamlet on Film' is to click on the selected essay and PRINT a copy. Return to this page where video clips are numbered and arranged beside the respective title of the article. As you read the hard copy of the essay, the respective video clip will be indicated in the text and you may then choose to view that clip by clicking the indicated link.

Date added Title Type File size
26 Aug 2011 Elsie Walker, "A 'Harsh World' of Soundbite Shakespeare: Michael Almereyda's Hamlet (2000)" 142.3 KB
26 Aug 2011 Saviour Catania, "'The Beached Verge': On Filming the Unfilmable in Grigori Kozintsev's Hamlet" 85.0 KB
26 Aug 2011 Mariangela Tempera, "To Laugh or not to Laugh: Italian Parodies of Hamlet" 77.2 KB
26 Aug 2011 Nicholas Jones, "Hamlet in Warsaw: The Antic Disposition of Ernst Lubitsch" 148.1 KB
26 Aug 2011 Mark Robson, "'Trying to pick a lock with a wet herring': Hamlet, film, and spectres of psychoanalysis" 126.2 KB
26 Aug 2011 Lisa Hopkins, "Denmark's a Prison: Branagh's Hamlet and the Paradoxes of Intimacy" 120.4 KB
26 Aug 2011 Pascale Aebischer, "Yorick's Skull: Hamlet's Improper Property" 538.8 KB
26 Aug 2011 James Hirsh, "To Take Arms against a Sea of Anomalies: Laurence Olivier's Film Adaptation of Act Three, Scene One of Hamlet" 73.5 KB
26 Aug 2011 Terri Bourus, "The First Quarto of Hamlet in Film: The Revenge Tragedies of Tony Richardson and Franco Zeffirelli" 81.9 KB
26 Aug 2011 Gabriel Egan, Introduction to the Proceedings of the Conference "Hamlet on Screen" 56.0 KB

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