EnterText 4.3 Supplement

Volume 4 number 3 Supplement
Winter 2004/05


Shelving translation

Edited by Rebecca Beard and Brenda Garvey

Selected papers from the "Shelving Translation" conference held at Oxford University in April 2004

Date added Title Type File size
25 Aug 2011 Notes on Contributors 102.2 KB
25 Aug 2011 Christopher MacLehose, A Publisher’s Vision 136.4 KB
25 Aug 2011 Eleni Papargyriou, Translating Intertextuality as Cultural Reference: Yoryis Yatromanolakis' Greek Novel Eroticon 154.9 KB
25 Aug 2011 Carmen Bugan, Taking Possession of "Extraterritorial" Poetics: Seamus Heaney and Eastern European Poetry in English Translation 145.4 KB
25 Aug 2011 Carol O'Sullivan, (Images) Translation, Pseudotranslation and Paratext: the Presentation of Contemporary Crime Fiction Set in Italy 170.6 KB
25 Aug 2011 Penny Johnson, Text Selection and the Image of the Other: Translations of Pablo Neruda's Canto genera 179.8 KB
25 Aug 2011 Peter Bush, Reviewing Translations: Barcelona, London and Paris 146.0 KB
25 Aug 2011 Anthea Bell, Translation as Illusion 145.4 KB
25 Aug 2011 Rebecca Beard and Brenda Garvey, Introduction: The Role of the Translated Text in Britain Today 129.0 KB

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